Monday, September 7, 2009

I am officially 23...!!! OMG!!!

I know this post has become long overdue, but well, I was sort of having an extended birthday..!!

23 years is a long time to me. Well, but I do know that there is lots more to life that is yet to come. But reminiscing the the 23rd birthday, all I can say is that- Life is a mixed bag full of chocolates- which one you get is on your own luck- and if its bitter- The sweet will be sweeter.

My birthday started with a bang- Not literally- but yeah- the very person who called me was Kashvi, and boy wasn't she pleasantly surprised that I received her call... and hers was the first gift that I opened, while talking to her on the phone. It is a pretty scarf, a BEAUTIFUL card and a lovely letter (I am a sucker for letters). As if that was not enough- The girl she is, she also dedicated an entire post to me... Thank you darling- You are one of the most wonderful friend that I have found ever and I intend to keep you with me.

The Veil that Kashvi gifted

Then there were my parents- who in anticipation of god knows what got me a tiara..!!! Yeah, you can see the picture and very well make out that my parents really think that I am not the kinds to grow up.

look at the Tiara...
The best surprise though was by Shayon. Yeah, by now you all must know him. No, not because I talk about him, but because of the post that he dedicated to me. It was awesome to see the post and to get my gift. (The reader comment say it all :))

The lovely couple...
But then the fun did not stop there- The birthday had just begun.
The calls were never ending. It was great to receive soooo many phone calls and so many messages from all the loved ones. Shayon's ex-boss and now a friend Rajiv Dhingra also called me to wish me. Now that was a shocker, but a pleasant one.
I somehow managed to get ready and found an auto that would take me to Shayon's place. (Now what was I expecting??? knowing him- nothing really... especially after the blog surprise)
(Oh- and Shayon's mum & cousins also called me to wish me... I know- it was hear warming) So, this dear boy opens the door for me- with a Bouquet of roses- and he is clean shave... (His shaving routine- I don't like it much...) and then there more phone calls, and while I was attending those, Shayon was making his own arrangements-
In the big plan- was a Cake, my favourite flavour... and something that I can still not really believe (No, not a ring)
The Cake

Me, cutting the cake.

He, booked a cab... and then took me to ITC MAURYA SHERATON for Lunch at BUKHARA. (Yeah- read that- again- and again... ) I was shaking when I got know where we were going.
And, the lunch was not just lunch it was with My favourite red wine.
To sit in between the elite- a restaurant- I know, not ANYONE in my family or relatives has ever gone to, it felt wonderful.
I was very very uptight till the first few sips of wine... but then finally loosened up a little. It was the best meal that I have ever had with him. (And, he is very picky and finicky when it comes to his food, can you believe, he even found a tiny little flaw in the roomali roti that we were having...!! and then the waiter, actually served us tandoori roti which was yum, and when we told him so, he packed the leftover of the rest of the food with another complimentary tandoori roti... wow..!! )
And ofcourse, there was romance. Lots of it.
Oh here is another really embarrassing thing that happened with me- Shayon doesn't have a fridge, so ofcourse, the cake had to be kept at the neighbours fridge. So, Shayon cut a piece of cake for them, gave them that to eat while asking them to put the rest of it for later. Now, those neighbours but ofcourse wanted to know, whose birthday it was... and thus me the great got a gift from his neighbours also...!!!

And this is where the good part of my birthday ended. Thus, began a series of disaster, that made me cry myself to sleep, and trust me- on your birthday- you don't want this to happen.
I came home by 5. And then started to make a few phone calls so that all the arrangements to the so called house party could be taken care off.
(I was even after a lot of Negatives- was expecting a few of my friends making the count to 15 including me)
We went to pick up the food that I had ordered, and also the cake that my Mum had ordered.
As soon as mom got into the car after picking up the cake, she started ranting, that they had changed the colour of the icing. But, then she showed me the cake, and it was beautiful. I just glanced at it thinking that, I would want to see it in its full glory on the table while I'll cut it.
But as soon as we got back home- in all the confusion of getting inside, Mom ke haathon se cake dabba gir gaya. Yeah- it is a pity that no one got to see what the cake really looked like. And then, all the things just fell apart.
None of my friends showed up for my party. Yeah, on a Saturday night... not one, but all of my friends got stuck at work... (Yeah you can make that sound of pitying me) the only ones who showed up was Shayon, Priyam, Aman, Anku, Kriti, Arushi, Priyam's Brother... and me. Not that I don't enjoy them, it is the best group to be with( they all tried really hard to keep me in my birthday spirits)- But my parents- I know were feeling sorry and angry at me at the same time. Not only them- I am sure my cousins were also feeling what a loser friend I am... and above all- I felt like a total loser. And its not a good feeling, trust me.
And, my mother is not very kind to me, when I have just had a total disaster of a party. I got scolded like I am a 10 year old... and, now, she is completely sure that I have weird friends...
Whats done and gone is gone.
But- if I remember this birthday for all the great reasons that Shayon gave me, I am also going to remember it for the fact that I cried myself to sleep that night.

Happy Birthday to me..!!!
oh and Jaanu- Thank you so much- I really love you... You made my day special..
And- D.O and Uncle J- Lovely e-cards- Thank you sooo very much.
Also special thanks to Gaurav- who called me all the way from Australia. Love you dude. I was smiling and jumping after your call in Bukhara.
And My MOO called up- and like a sweeheart calls me her baby girl...!! And I love it. Love you girl..
Happiness like the sand on the beach is made up of all tiny things... and if held too tightly in your palms- it slips out...


Neo said...

Arey sweetheart, it was absolutely my pleasure. And I'm so glad I could make you feel special. :)

Just try not to think too much about the terrible things that happened. Easier said than done, but then you have so many pretty and heartwarming things to help you.

Much love <3

Mohan said...

happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day :)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm feeling so bad :(

I wish I HAD managed the permisiion to come :( sorry sweetheart, I'm gonna make this up to you!

And WOW, Bukhara!!! You ARE lucky :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, where r the pictures from the party? And.. i really the photo with us, together :-)

ShalinK said...

You sure had a dream birthday :)

Well, the choice is yours either you be happy about the wonderful memories or else think about the negatives, you know what, the people who really wanted to be there were present no matter what, so be happy about that and don't sulk over people who didn't come, maybe they couldn't make it for genuine reasons but then celebrate the ones who were there :) you cant those special people be let down!!

Cheer up and keep smiling

Shalini said...


Loved your saying in the beginning of the post. Looking at the photos, I have to say that you have a very pretty smile. :D

So sorry about the birthday. I know it sucks. But you have many more birthdays to come, and with a boyfriend like Shayon, happiness is bound to remain intact and not slip out.

Really sorry for not turning up. Hope you got my e-mail though. Take Care.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow! That sounds like the best birthday ever!! :) :) :) and Bukhara at ITC, I'm so jealous!

And I love the tiara! :D

Jack said...


It is good that you enjoyed a lot even if later part had some mishaps. Life is a mixed bag so enjoy what you can and forget what you can not.

Take care

Sakshi said...

I know, I should always focus on positives, but, then, that means I will have to work even more hard on myself.

@ Mohan
Thanks a ton for your wishes.

Not your fault darling- I know You tried. And I am a lil off at the people who said that they will come and did not turn up.
You no feel bad. I love you. Smile plis. Good girl. :)

@ Shalini (minus the pic on profile)
Thank you girl. I have been confusing the two of you as being the same person.

@ Shalini (with the pic on profile)
You are an absolute darling. Hardly anyone tells me that I have a beautiful smile. I am totally your fan now..

I know, I am totally awed till now. Bukhara.. n all... :)

@ Shayon
Sweetie- the pics are with all the others who took it.
Ill hopefully get em soon.

@ Uncle J
Mixed it is... aye aye.. sire.

Miss M said...

Awww babe your birthday sounds perfect!

Perfect birthday celebrations with your perfect man and awesome friends. Don't be too sad about the party thing, cos' from where I see it, I think you had all the people who matter to you near you! :)

Happy birthday once again!

Anonymous said...

smiling :) :) :)

ani_aset said...

aww that was sweet from shayon :) and also the neighbours :) i like it that you will remember it for all the right reasons