Friday, May 16, 2014

Congratulations India.. You have finally Decided! (Election Results 2014)

India Shining!
That was the phrase that was coined by the National Democratic Alliance a.k.a the NDA, led by the BJP in the last and the last to last elections.
This time, they decided to put forth a model of India Shining, a practical example of that in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, making Indians wanting more. And it worked like a charm. As I am writing this, the roads are empty (in Mumbai, Delhi is a mayhem), the news channels have declared Narendra Modi the PM, and unlike in 2004 where, a lot of Mathematics had to be done for the UPA led government to come to power, and a little less Math was done in 2009, it seems, that BJP has swept the nation in a single stroke and would not require any number crunching or pleading with alliances.
Which is a good thing. A ready alliance, with BJP garnering the maximum votes means that the policy paralysis that is usually the hallmark of the alliance led government shall not be a problem here. What however, may (please note that the operative word here is may) is the internal conflicts between the senior crop of the BJP leaders and the younger and the more dynamic lot of the BJP.
While, the entire nation hopes for the economy to get back into gear (just the estimates of the poll results have made the sensex hit a new high and the rupee has gone into the late fifties against the dollar), I hope that like the hype that AAP created around AK, Modi doesn’t disappoint. The BJP leaders have to learn to live that the country voted for them because they wanted Mr. Modi at helm, and not because they see any merit in them. Now, they should deliver on their own merits and make sure that they do not break the trust of the billion plus people in the largest democracy in the world.
I have to give credit to Modi for breaking in to the states like Uttar Pradesh, and showing the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav and the Clan and Mayawati and the Clan, that you have to work hard and show results. Just by giving free laptops and erecting your own monuments you won’t gain anything. It has been after ages that any national party has broken ground in the area of regional parties and have shoved them out. The whole equation now for the state level politics has changed. A new lease of life maybe for the states from where maximum parliamentarians come and sit in the Lok Sabha, hopefully, thing will improve for the rural India.
There is a lot riding on these elections, the youth came out voted and they voted for change, one way or the other, they wanted the stagnancy at the Centre to go, and a new breath of air be introduced. With such numbers that are being projected, BJP will come out as the single largest party, and if they end up reaching the magic number without the support of the allies, it will be the first time since Indira Gandhi that a single party would win the majority, and that is what one of the concerns is.
With a fractured opposition, and not a care in the world about the alliance pulling down the government, the nation has entrusted the Modi led BJP with a huge responsibility and I really hope that they do not play with the trust of the nation and actually do what they have been entrusted to do.
None of the youngsters in the present digital age, would want a repeat of Indira Gandhi’s regime, when she put a clamp down on the media and the freedom of speech. A 2002, already haunts Mr. Modi, a 1984 haunts the INC, none of us want that a repeat of either of that takes place, and therefore all hope is that, how Ram Mandir was buried somewhere in the back of the BJP manifesto, Narendra Modi, also makes sure that, the Ram Mandir issue doesn’t hog any limelight over the economy and the infrastructure, over the promises of health and jobs and a better country.

For, a man, who used technology to its full potential, the youth hopes that the redundant and absolutely out of context IT Act, is changed to make it more tolerant. And, most of all, the moral policing that the RSS, shiv sena are so famous for, is not endorsed by the man who believes in the modernity, and fighting the moral brigade doesn’t become an everyday battle for the youth.

That while fast forwarding the economy, Narendra Modi, keeps an open mind to everything, and yes it also includes the FDI policy.

While Modi fought over incumbency, I hope that he makes sure that he weaves his magic to make sure that the files move fast and the permissions in genuine cases granted faster.
That while, he is ready to embrace the responsibility to safeguard our borders and reduce the terror threats, he does not endorse the witch hunt that ensued in USA after the 9/11 attacks, and does not endorse the alleged fake encounters.
My problem with the entire Modi mania was that, I do not like the cult following, because when you are following because everyone else is doing the same thing, then there is no diversity. Whenever, through the last one year anybody asked me, who do I support if not Modi, I replied, that I do not support any party, if I would vote, I will vote for the person who has either worked for my constituency or who shows that potential. I won’t take my decision basis the speech that one leader has given, because at the level of my constituency my representative matters more than the PM candidate.
Thus, like I said before, the rest of the BJP leaders have to learn to live with a fact that it is not their work or their charismas that worked in their favor but the Modi factor, and now their responsibilities are even more to prove that they can actually deliver on behalf of the one man that won them the world (literally).
Congratulations India, you have voted and now the results out and clear. A run for a very new and a highly controversial person begins.
A big responsibility, the entire nation awaits to see what he delivers!
The views expressed in this article are purely my own. They are not intended to provoke or hurt anyone.

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