Thursday, May 22, 2014


You normally don't say, 
when things don't go according to,
how you state, 
you silently brood,
mostly buried in your phone.

So, when you do burst, 
like a volcano, active, 
after being dormant, 
you make for a scary sight,
taking your fury out,
with a full might.

I don't know,
what ticks you off any more, 
maybe that is the reason, 
why I don't say anything, 
any more. 

I want to tell you,
that I ain't feeling loved, 
it doesn't mean, that you haven't loved me,
but off late, there is no love, 
anywhere, anymore.

I get angry, 
I burst out, right there, 
making sure that I am heard, 
and then like it starts, 
all that anger subsides,
because, there is no respite, 
from things as to how you want,
without letting me in, 
in your world now.

There are things that I wish to share,
but then when I turn to you, 
I stare, 
at the backside of the ipad, 
when you are enjoying your "me time", 
leaving me to wonder, 
if at all, there is ever going to be,
some time slotted, 
for "us", for the time being. 

You care for your sanity, 
I care for sanctity, 
of a relationship that enjoins two people,
in love, health, sickness, and loneliness. 

I start to speak, 
wondering if you would care,
to listen to more complaints of the, 
love that lacks, 
without the blame, that,
I have forgotten the past, 
your anger, 
the brood scares me, 
and I shut up. 
Only to stare at the back of the,
Yet again!


Bikram said...

It will be fine ..

take care and god bless


Unknown said...

Been there, done that. Well, not the ipad thing, but email and the phone. I wish you the best with this situation.
I'm visiting from the A to Z list. One of my team's blogs is Poetry of the Netherworld.

Parshati said...

others are listening :)