Monday, June 13, 2016

Re-defining, from inside to outside!

In your eyes I looked, 
a future, like an adventure, 
a trail of discovery, 
with more thorns and less moss; 
but nevertheless you hold on.

Slowly the adventure turns, 
now it is a venture; 
a slow execruciating process; 
of an everyday; 
and of struggle, that defines; 
a struggle that confines. 

Of cutting corners; 
to make the ends meet; 
of loving a little less; 
and exisiting a little bit more. 

Eagerly pushing one happiness
behind the rock; 
to see the smile on your face; 
with the happiness that you hoped for. 

In our little world; 
the struggles become real; 
the adventure becomes; 
The daily becomes the norm; 
and excitement is just another word;
to put behind the rock. 

Befooling myself on my ability; 
for I still hope that being with me;
excites you more.
More than a piece of wire; 
a piece of music. 

But love is nothing but a mirage; 
life on the other hand a jarring light; 
that wakes you up and throws you down. 

and that is when you get up; 
dreams and hopes; 
and still hold on, 
for faith and belief,
are like that little plank of wood;
keeping you afloat, in a tide, 
called life. 

1 comment:

Adreamygal said...

A feeling I can almost relate to. Life's like that, maybe?