Thursday, November 10, 2011

Goa Unplugged: The Wedding: Day 2

So after a serious discussion about 'What really makes a marriage work' and well of course giving you all a preview about the wedding that happened in Goa.. it is only fair that I narrate the rest of the story as well!!

So the second day that we were in Goa, was the day when the guests had to arrive and the mehndi was to begin. I was rudely woken up early in the morning by my father, insisting that we have breakfast asap since the hotel will close the breakfast soon.
And plus we were supposed to shift to the hotel 'Alila Diva', where the wedding festivities were to take place. So, after having breakfast, the bags were quickly re packed and casual but nice clothes were worn for the running around. And trust me, run around I did!
The hotel, Alila Diva has a 'Diva Wing', which was totally secluded from the rest of the hotel, and that wing was given to us. The best part of the wing was- That, we had a lovely swimming pool all to ourselves, along with a 24x7 coffee shop and nice comfy rooms for all those who were staying in that wing.
The worst part being- That so many of the guests were staying in the main wing of the hotel, and me the great was co-ordinating everything. So, after running around for like, just 45 odd minutes, I felt like I had not taken a bath in like two days. Such was the humidity levels there!
So I went around to our guests' room with a 'Welcome Bag' making sure that our guests are fine, and that, they know what the exact time of the various events are and also where they should be coming for the events!!
After, making sure that the guests are taken care of, I made my dear sister get ready and go down, so that she can get the mehndi done.
The women doing the mehndi had already come, and there were loads who wanted to get the mehndi done first so that they are able to enjoy the festivities..once all the people gathered.
Of course, as soon as the relatives started gathering, and I got ready and came down.. there were only talks about 'Oooh.. Sakshi you are next..' fortunately I was looking super pretty.. and very nice :)
And, the Mehndi function which is primarily for the bride fizzled because the bride to be made a grand entry- super late. She was to be there by 12 noon, instead she came at around 2pm!!
The food on the other hand was very nice. We had 'chaat corner' as the theme for the lunch and it was a huge success!!
Of course we wanted to have a couple of traditional punjabi songs.. we even had a dholki for it. But, because the whole thing was pool side and half of the people were just interested in getting drunk.. it was not as much fun, as it ought to have been.

But the second half of the day/evening, that is the sangeet night- WAS AWESOME!! Of course that is THE night that I was to shine.. and I did. Actually both sister and I did! :)
The thing that we messed up on was our dresses. We were so fixated upon wearing a lehnga, that, it sorta spoiled the fun, because, I was looking really huge, and I had to tie the lehnga so high that, it spoiled the look!!
But, sister and I managed to put up and awesome show! I was to emcee the show with one of Bhaiya's friend, and well, that poor guy got to speak only once.. and then.. it was only me who took over the mike.. *ironically, the name of bhaiya's friend was ''Mike'' ;P*
My bua and Uncle's dance was a super hit.. and they still can't get over the fact that I was able to get two of their friends, my mom and chachi to dance together ... and then there was sister and me! We dazzled the dance floor.. and that is what the reviews are :)
We had worked so hard for this!!
This is the ONLY good picture of me at the Sangeet

Oh, and my 3.5 yrs old niece did an amazing performance.. she was so so so cute on the stage!! And then there was the performance by the 'Mumbai Clan', meaning the other brother, his wife, and their friends! They mixed three songs...
The best part being, that the songs the Mumbai Clan chose were especially for my brother.. and the ones that we the 'Delhi Waalas' had chosen, were for the bride to be!
And this was when there was absolutely no sitting and deciding about the songs happening between Delhi and Mumbai.

The Sangeet btw was at a beach side shack called Zeebop.. and it was a beautiful setting and all except that Goa, despite being a party place has a law against loud music being played in open places after 10.30 pm! Yup, that spoils the party big time.
So, party buffs came up with the idea of a Silent Party, wherein each one is given a wireless headset and the DJ plays the music and everyone can dance on it!! And we had 3 DJ's playing the music for us. We had a guy playing Hip-Hop, one playing R & B and one playing bollywood! :)
And that means that we had three channels on our headsets.. and each channel was a different colour.. so you could actually see what the other guy was listening to. And, yes in case you are wondering, it did look like a lot of loony people swaying like drunkards to no music!

But, trust me, it was one hell of a sangeet night, which I know, no one in my family will forget for a loooong looong time to come!!!

Btw- You can check the mehndi and sangeet pictures here.. I have been told that I look terrible.. a.k.a SUPER fat. So please refrain from commenting on those terms! :) Enjoy!

PS updated to Add: I had no idea about the code thingy, I have linked you all now to a FB album. I hope you like it. Thanks. 


Ashutosh said...

wats the code to access album..

Dreamcatcher said...

I think you look extremely pretty. What a gorgeous smile :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Kuch bhi, Sakshi! You look beautiful! :) And you had SUCH an awesome time in Goa man! I mean, since I have a home there I dont really get to do any of the touristy stuff except an occasional hotel lunch! But the wireless headsets and three DJs sound so's like you can pick whichever kinda music you want to groove more disagreements over "I like hip-hop, you want punk!" :D

Wicked Witch of the West said...

It sounds hectic, but fun. And I do love that photo of you :) The other album needs a code though.

Now, see, three comments in two days :D

Jack said...


Thanks for giving such good descriptions and if I have my way, yours will beat this by big margin. Navigated to see photographs as advise but could not see those as site asked me to enter Code which I do not have.

Take care

Rahul Bhatia said...

Sakshi,Interesting reads both Part I and II

Suruchi said...

my god-this post should go with the wedding album as the worded visual!
and you don't look fat-you look cute n yummy:-)

sulagna said...

sakshi i like your writing simple and so visual,,i could almost imagien you ina pretty salwaar kameez running around the hotel, hair tied in a pony tail :)

and you look fabulous..i love the jhumkaas ya..kaha se lia ??

Rachit said...

The great Indian fat wedding.. love it or hate it.. you can't lie that you enjoy it :) And, you look beautiful :)

Weakest LINK

Ashutosh said...

cant access the pics but never the less..nice post and you look amzingly gorgeous :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton for making the effort both the times for trying out to see the pictures!!
I am gonna upload all of em on picasa and the give the link to you all!
But that will take a while!
Please bear that delay..

Sakshi said...

Wow, thanks for the comment!!

Sakshi said...

YOU belong from Goa. That is like your home. I am planning to retire there. I love it there.
Well, it was more like drunk charades!! But it was fun!! :P

Sakshi said...

Seriously cats!! It was super hectic!! See the FB album now.

Keep the comments rolling!

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
I am hoping and praying so!!

Sakshi said...

@Rahul Bhatia
Thanks :) Glad you liked em!

Sakshi said...

Cute and yummy.. is that you or Shayon saying that..;P

Sakshi said...

Well thanks a ton :) You are great yourself!!
Your description sounds super cute :) except that I was in my pants and hair was down.. while running around!!

And the jhumkaas are my Mums!! Love em!

Sakshi said...

Thanks ya!!! :)
And what is a wedding without the big fat and indian joined in it..

RiĆ  said...

U looking lovely dear. :) And love the unplugged post.

Bikram said...

weddingssssssssssssss :) and you look lovely in the pic ..

take care :)