Tuesday, November 28, 2017

At first there was light

At first there was light,
and I was born,
into a world where,
I was awaited,
with baited breath, and
a lot of drama.

Its a girl,
our family gynea announced,
and that was a reason to celebrate,
a sister to my first cousin bros,
the first grandchild for my maternal grandparents,
and the first born of my parents.

I was spoilt,
not with money,
but with love,
my bua, my mamas, my dadu, dadi et all.

Life went on,
and then I grew up,
from tantrums to responsibility,
from the first born to an elder sister,
it was like a shock.

School, college,
and then there was the job,
a professional I had become,
because I did Law.

Somewhere in between,
engineering and law,
I fell in love, deep and hard.
Its been over a decade, but,
often times I look at him,
and I wonder in awe,
yes, I still have butterflies,
which flutter, unannounced.

Life as I knew it, had to change,
again, because change is the only constant,
it reminds again and again.
The love soon translated into
a societal norm,
a proposal happened,
and soon it was time to tie,
the knot.

Time flies yet again,
and I can't believe,
its been 5 years hence..
a time leap, I feel, but each year,
etched is etched in me,
like a stone that has been marked.

I try to hold time,
close my eyes, and hold on tight,
but past is just a dream,
that knit the present,
and put it together.

There is more to be conquered,
but, I don't know if I have the fight,
left in me, to make it past the night,
but each day comes with a new hope,
and each hour, I conquer,
I rejoice,
for life is a gift,
that I must appreciate, and live
it like there is no tomorrow,
with a smile, and a heart of a lion!

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