Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hey Everybody...!!!

Welcome to Timeless Imaginaion.. a blog page that is dedicated to dreams and ofcourse reality. Because what we dream of its with the intention of making it a Reality....!!!

I am Sakshi and well.... this is not my first blog page and not my first blog either. I started blogging on yahoo and consequently started blogging on Shayon's Labyrinth on blogger itself. Shayon is the contributor on my page as well... between us this going to be the second blogpage on blogger. Wondering why we wanted another blog page??? Well.. lets just say.. that we wanted to create a lil kingdom of our own in this big big world of the web... and this is just a way to exapnd it....!!! (LOL)... that was just well.. a bad cheesy joke...!!

To be really frank.. I just wanted a blog page of my own.. so created one. Lets say.. an Independant foray into the world of blogging.. am still a baby.... who is learning to walk... hmmm and who is holding my hands??

My dear guy, he is the one who actually introduced me to the world of blogging and to be equally frank... I initially started writing to impress him and that is a fact. Ofcourse people do a lot of crazy stuff in a relationship.. and this was probably one of those, but nevertheless it has done me good a great deal.

So finally steering this blogpage.. I hope that I am welcomed into this community with open hands.

One last answer to the curious onlookers.. why TIMELESS.. Imagination???

Ahem.... I have belief.. which has been derived by what Walt Dsney once said....

"Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age.. and Dreams are

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