Monday, January 29, 2007


Everybody falls in love... and well you ahve truely loved someone you would probably relate to the six couples that have portrayed the theme.."Love is a problem" all too well...!!!

The critics havent reviewed this movie well at all.. I din read the reviews at all.. because i wanted to see the movie. I saw is four days after it was released.. and of course there were who had seen it... and most of whom who had seen it.. said that it was foolish to watch the movie... it is 3 hour fourt minute movie.. but if you go on my words its never really streched. I believe that six love stories rolled into one... it deserves atleast this much of time...!!!

Out of the six couples in the movie, Ashu n Tehzeeb (John n Vidya) have the most rocking chemistry that sizzeles the screen. There is a lot of one liners that make you laugh at the emotional moments, otherwise adding alot to the element of humour are Phoolwati n Ramdayal (Isha Koppikar n Sohail Khan) and the mis communication between Raju taxiwala ( Govinda) and his madam Stephanie. Akshaye Khanna who has played the role of Shiven, does a la saucy guy with perfection.... and well Anil kapoor and Juhi Chawala, pulled off their parts really well as well. And then there are Salmaan n Priyanka, who constantly banter at each other... while chosing between dreams and love...!!!

Then there are few one liners.. (highly emotional) which would make for some perfect proposal lines.

And then there is the music of the movie.... which is mind blowing.... !!!

Over all I LOVED the movie.... and must see atleast once even if you are not the romantic movie type... alright.. you don wanna go.. make your gal/guy happy and take em with you....!!!

Here is one line.. which is pretty inspiring to make you fall in love...

"Pyaar waqt dekhkar nahin kiya jaata,usse kiya jaate hai jiske
saath aap waqt guzaartien hain"

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