Friday, January 26, 2007

Looking towards a New Horizon....

Hard work always pays in the form of success.. isnt this the very line that is often put towards us in the glare of all the lectures that one and all have given us??

And isnt this the same line that we would finally repeat when we advice it to somebody.. atleast I tell this about ten times a day to my students who come to me for their tution classes. But they think that didi is probably just giving them another lecture.

Ofcourse it really does not mean that I am not a rebel and do whatever my parents ask me to do. I have a life and I live it too...!!

If you look at my previous post on this page I think that I have mentioned abot having a past... if not then well... lemme mention it here... I have a dark past..(no nothing personal but on a professional basis...) meaning, I fell flat on my face more than once to reach this certain point in my life. And that fall made me stop hoping for ever getting the best. But slowly to my utmost surprsie I found myself working a lil.. and got encouragment after seeing that those lil efforts actaully yeilded results.

I study in a very obscure college with more than obscure university backing it up. That is what I am told everytime whenever I conjure up a good result in my exams(Topping in the college). But that has not stopped me from dreaming. I know that for me to have an edge over my collegues studying in top most institutes I need to do something extra. And that something extra is the nerdy image that I have formed of myself.... but it doesnt hurt.. coz... life is all about taking its reigns into your hands.

I have joined a course to put addition to my qualification. And ofcourse add more weight to my C.V.

Most of all... this success has paid me in more than one ways... it has made me look towards a new horizon .. where I can stand and finally smile in satisfaction of achievement....

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