Saturday, February 3, 2007

Manual for Love.....

Its already 3rd of Feburary and love is in the air....the month of feburary brings with itself lots of pinks and reds.. and ofcourse in the season when the flowers boom and spring is round the corner.. the Cupid looks for all the possible targets that can be hit by the arrow of love....!!!

Next week, on the 7th of Feb, International Flirting week commences with the rose day seeking to increase the rate of roses from a mere five rupees and ten rupees to a whooping 50 rupees a rose....!!! And this week encompases The Hug Day, The kiss day.... chocolate day... ofcourse there is a slap day.. and sorry day.. and finally the festival of love The Valentine's Day...!!!

Keeping up with the trend of the growing popularity of the Valentine's Day... all the news papers and the magazines start up their 101 tips on how to maintain relationships, on how to flourish romance in the ongoing relationships.. and much more.... The advice coloumns see a marked up increase in the number of problems coming on their way.... The best books that can be bought during this season are probably.. Why are men from Mars and Women from Venus.. or Why do women cry and men cant read maps...

An insight into the relationship of two people who are in love with each other. But how are these rules prescribed by the experts good or bad for you?? Trust me, I am in a relationship and well.. I have taken every quiz that has come in the News paper... but the results do they really matter??

The fun of having a relationship wherein you are the boyfriend and the girlfriend, is to sort out your problems within yourself, to understand the relationship yourself... between the two of you... what would be the difference between this relationship and the others, when you want the perspective of a third party where the two of you are involved....

Of course nothing wrong with taking a second or a third opinion. But when these advices go overboard, and start weighing more than what you think about each other... and about the whole situation.. its time to take control... This is what my opinion is.. and trust me I do that. I have had a very bitter experience when a third party was involved in a problem between me and Him. This might and might not be true for you....!!!

Is there a formula you can follow so that you have a perfect love story.... ahem... A perfect Love story never exists... if its perfect then its not love.. because love is the bonding of two imperfect souls to make a chaos of the lil dream world that they seek.. satisfaction, happiness and above all.. the feeling of togetherness and yeah.. love....!!!

Happy Loving...!!

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