Saturday, February 10, 2007

I am....!!!

What am I?? Who am I??

Well... these are those spiritual questions for which the yogis do sanyas for years.... for finding the reasons for the existence of their bodies on this mighty earth...!!!

Well... for me.. I have made life simpler, I am the very first "Sakshi"/witness of the love that my parents have for each other. I came in their lives to give them joy... to make em realise that their love has finally culminated. And tomorrow that is in future... looong time from now, when I'll have kids.. then.. I'll know that life is beautiful even with diapers and tantrums.

And well.. my reason for being here on earth... hello?? I just happen to be an amzing person.. and that is good enough reason for being what I am...

Isnt this much simpler than freezing on the Himalayas...;)


zEaLoUsMe™ said...

u pretty correct!!! u r wat u r!!!

Unknown said...

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