Monday, February 5, 2007

Are You ready to change?

How would you rate the word change??? Good , bad, average or maybe you have your own opinion which defines change for you…!!!

The hardest part about Change is the change itself…. When you are so used to doing something and that change, it alters everything…..from the way you see things to how you perceive things to how it ultimately makes you adapt to things that are new to you…!!!

To be very frank it was very hard for me to change my way of looking at things… or rather my way of doing things. But one thing led to another and I finally managed to change and that change mind you bought with itself lot of hope and good luck. I have a knack of keeping things from the past… something that might be responsible for making me a clingy person. I had almost all my books and notes from like 5th standard till 12th standard stored up for reference… u know, “The what if I need them sometime in the Future….” syndrome.
But finally I let go of it all… because I finally put a fact in my head that The so called reference that might be in the future has no time efficiency and it may be today or it maybe never.

These little things that changed me, also made me throw away my past that always made me realise that I have been a loser… and that losers do not dream. So much so, this little exercise that I did to clear away the mess in my study table cupboard cleared my head to an extent that I finally made myself a promise that whatever happens I will not ruin my present or my future with my attitude of clinging to things that cant be changed and thinking about those I’ll ruin my chances of having a good time now and tomorrow.

It was very hard.. and there were no visible results for almost two years, but today as I am sitting in my veranda, soaking the sun, I look back to the two years that have gone by, I realise that the whole thing started by me pulling away all my guards and sharing a part of the pie of my life to my present boyfriend, an acquaintance then. For all the moments that we spent together just talking about our pasts, and how to improve our present, we fell in love, and I who was just so not in to long distance thingy, fell in a LDR.. and that trust me changed everything for me….!!!
And I am very happy.

Like somebody famously said;

“The only thing that is constant is change”

Are you ready to change… ??

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