Saturday, February 24, 2007

What am I gonna Do??

My class is going on.. behind me. The tution that I take. I have my Hindi end sem on Monday, and I have hardly studied for it... beat it.. and I still manage to come online and do a post.. how utterly irresponsible of me.

But who cares... or I care...its just that Hindi is not getting into my head and I cant seem to accept the fact that its been over a week and I havent gotten any reply from the places that I had applied in for my intern. Worst still, after 28th of feburary. I have no absolutely no source of income whatsoever and I have no clue how the hell am I gonna mange to shift to a lifestyle of a penniless person person from that of a 3000 rupees a month pocket money lifestyle. Do not gimme that expression... I have never in my life gotten pocket money. This money well.. as it happens was the nominal amount I used to get for teaching the kids in the centre. As per my last post things have soured out and apart from that I have to do an intern..(this does not pay).

Wondering what lifstyle am I talking about- one and a half years I have almost got a top up in my phone daily because I have to talk to my boyfriend. I talk to him everyday.. for almost a hour. But it seems that now that would have to go down ALOT.. and its a scary prospect. Because in his college lights are off most of the time, and he has to do lots of stuff and cant come online as per my time table and neither can I meet him online as per his timetable... or probbaly we can work out something.. its damn scary.. and I just cant figure out a thing...!!!!

ANY suggestions??

What am I gonna DO???

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Shayon said...

Hmm...firstly, how ws ur paper? As per your interns, wish you, or rather both of us ;-), best of luck!! U knw, u r givin a li'l too much of thot on the fiasco int he coachin center thingy. Just puke it outta ur system n move on, gurl....neways u'd planned to leave it in march, dint u??