Thursday, March 8, 2007

Celebrating Womanhood....

She is a Daughter, a sister, a wife and finally a mother. These are the roles that she plays in her personal life with a panache.

Outside the house she a career woman who takes decisions with the same confidance that she has when she is cooking food for her family. Pardon for the comparison that I am making.. because even today a woman is often compared with her home bound skills rather than the skills that she exuberates outsides the bounds of her house.She is no more a scared creature stepping out of the house, she is the confidant woman who knows no bounds and for her sky is the limit,even if she is in a sari.

In the 21st century, its the woman who has the capacity to be the best mother and the best business person together. She has the inspiration that comes from within her, she doesnt need idols, she idolises herself in her everyday roles.... making sure that niche of perfection that she is used to, she gets that.

Even if in a minority, India is finally recogonising that women are no objects to be kept inside the kitchen for cooking and in the bedrooms for making babies. She has come of age, and she deserves her due. She is unstoppable.... but then there are egos and then there is a rural India that ceases to recogonise that a girl child is no curse...there is an India, where Sushmita Sen movies are watched with drooling expressions but that would not send their girl to a school.

Its time that- that India too changes. Its time that together we stand to celebrate the Woman, the one who has given you birth, the one who loves you unconditionally..(this could be your girlfriend or wife..).. the only person who can think from the heart and make the right decisions...!!!

Here's saluting to the woman of 21st century......who has finally tasted success and is now the unstoppable....!!!!

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