Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IVth Sem- Expectations and Reality....

Wow...finally the much awaited fourth semester is on.My history class is going on and sir happens to be talking about the entrance exams that lots of people in my class are gonna take at the end of the Law studies.I am sitting on the front desk and am one of the best student in the class and I have just finished writing these lines.

So what are my expecttaions-Absolutely nothing.... its a 2.5 month long semester thanks to all the postponing that happened with the odd sem exams. The only law subeject that I have this sem is Human Rights. And rest all is the usual art crap. But then this is the last semester that I'll be dealing with this art subjects.

And the reality- Stark and blinding. Its not easy paying back for the wrong decisions that you make in life. And therefore its even harder studying in an obscure college that is backed by one of the very unwanted university.

I just hope that my stark reality does not blind me so much that I cant see where this future is leading me. I have made a decision- That I have to manauver my life to get the best out of it... its not the easiest thing that can one do but then- No gains without any pains.

High time....

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