Thursday, March 1, 2007


It seems that my luck is turning its back towards me... or not.. well... its not for me to decide... but just wait for the results... right??

But c'mon yaar... I have been mailing so much for the interns and all I get is a reply from one lil place that says that they are not taking interns now.... So what do I do now??? Wait for the others to respond.. who dont even have the courtesy to say that they dont want to me... I mean... atleast that pain of anticipation should not be there.

As if that was not enough... my mom is in her bad moods and I have my guy coming to delhi.. and He is coming to my place for the first time and my dear mom is not exactly extactic about... ofcourse she is apprehensive about it.... I mean.. cmon.. she has not exactly met him so much.. and I am a BIG girl and this is a big bad world out der.... only if she knew how much it means to me if she is nice to him and likes him...its gonna help in future you see...!!!

Ok... the only good thing that is happening is that its festive season with holi round the corner and that someone special is gonna be with me this holi... the very first festival that we'll celebrate together... being in each others physical proximity....!!!

I sure hope that things go fine, and that we have amazing memories of this trip....!!!

Someone was so right when he said that in the gravest of the situations... there is always something to smile about...!!!


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zEaLoUsMe™ said...

hey chillax sis! u no were there is a will there is way, and they dun tak u 4 dat intern then its their mistake that they dunno whom they r not takin...
so jus chill, u mite not deserve em...u derserve BETTER, if they dun choose u!! chill nd BE HAPPY..neways happy holi and b happy SAYAN IS GONNA BE HERE!....yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!party time!