Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting the pace back....

Its been a week that dad had his Angioplasty done. Thank God that he is recovering. One thing that surely is putting my life back into the pace of things.

My house that is still having rennovations going also on the final stages. That's the reason the comp and the net connection are back into action. Once things get settled here....its gonna be a hectic life...once more.

Almost a month off from college has been attributed to me. Though out of that month long off about a week off was given by the college authorities themselves. I need to go back to work. My boss is wanting me back, so Monday onwards its gonna be office again.

Finally it seems that life is getting back onto track....the only thing that is amiss amongst that I am broke and I hardly get to talk to Shayon. That is pretty frustrating, but isnt that all about life and times???

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