Friday, December 14, 2007

The Wedding Vows..(woes)

One of the thing that really was highlighted this year was- Weddings...!!!

Three of my cousins got married in the span of 1 month... so much so.... me being next in line is very much anticipated...!!

Not only cousins, it seemed that a lot of people of my generation got married this year... and how many are gonna last...well... that is a question that nobody can answer.

One of my cousins got married in Feburary this year and well... she already gotten divorced and is pretty sad that things din work out. Not only her, all of us were shocked to the core that things dint work out for her. She is smart,witty...and extremely good looking...!!

But, whatever said and done, weddings in the family are just an awesome affair... I mean... its so cool dressing up and all. Apart from that you eat drink and dance... and everybody is so happy...!!!

I have such a huge family... that is to include my extended family loads of weddings that happened in front of me.. and each wedding has its own special memory.....!!

But this year, the most memorable wedding that I had was of my cousin Shubhra. She about three years older to me. Her wedding was out of station in Chandigarh...and my entire extended family(paternal) was there. My bua, who stays and works in Chennai, made an effort to come and attend the wedding there... it was a blast. Though, in the entire wedding, everybody kept on asking, since I am next, when am I getting married...!!!

The wedding season this time was truely all happiness....!!! Lets c whats in the next year...!!!

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