Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mumbai Salsa...!!!

One of the most important thing that happened to me in year that is running past me is the Visit to MUMBAI....!!!
Mumbai, for me is never new, I went to Mumbia when it was Bombay and I was three months old. Its a filthy city, has Asia largest slum.... but it lives up its name of being The City of Dreams. Initial years when I used to make the periodic Mumbai trips was because, my Dad's Masi used to stay there. But after 2004, there was no great reason to go to Mumbai. In 2004, I had gone for my admissions purposes.
But, 2006, summer bought me a week of holidays and a chance of spending that week with my boyfriend and cousins in Mumbai. Btw, Shayon, my boyfriend stays in Mumbai. But those were holidays... and this year, I saw the true flavour of Mumbai.... I travelled in buses.... and travelled mostly alone. Why? Well.... that is coz, I had gone to work with IOC's law deptt. in Mumbai for a month.
The experience, is worth the office hours that I put in. No it was not the partying... it was just a sense of feeling like grown up... a sense of being independent that really mattered to me.
Now I am looking forward to the next year... so that I can live my month...of being just me again...!!!

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