Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Year is at its Fag end... ALREADY...!!

Wow its almost mid December.

The last post that I wrote was feels like it was ages ago. But then a lot of things do keep you busy and then you really feel guilty about not updating your page at all.

Neways, Just like all good things to an end... (almost.. love I hope doesnt come to end ever), this year too is speeding away and soon, we would be seeing the new dawn in the 2nd leap year of the new century. Its just amazing that time runs away like spped of light or what... it just seems like yesterday that this year had started and I had made some resolutions... I don't think that I stuck to em at all... but then arent the new year resolutions meant to break. Its really commendable that you keep up to your new year resolutions.

Well... as the tradition goes that when December comes, I usually start the countdown to the new year and rewind the previous year. And I always ask my readers to please share their experiences of the previous year with me on my comments.

The year of Bond is almost at its end... this year was hailed as a super lucky year..and to certain extent that maybe so.

Keep coming back to catch the nostalgia of the year that has gone by... no its not gonna be statistical its just gonna be how I see it.. and ofcourse your input are welcome.....!!!


Shayon said...

Hmm...things that've happened in my life all of last year? Umm...lemme think...

1. The first thing I'd done, this year, is hug dad while me all drunk ;-) wishing him for his birthday!

2. Almost everyone in my extended family got to know that I'm in a serious relationship.

3. Happened to know a few great men (hardly any women, though).

4. Got offered to assist a prfessor of my college in his paper work.

5. Worked in a desk job for the first time in my life, and got paid too.

6. Built a software that's functional in the Quality Assurance department of a company like Crompton Greaves Ltd.

7. Learnt quite a few lessons that should assist me a lot in my future personal life.

8. Prepared a disastrous pasta for the first time :-P

9. Tried wine for the first time in my life.

10. Told dad that I loved him, for the first time in my life.

11. Have started working on a startup that i plan to set up, in a few months.

12. Got closer to my cousin bro, more than ever in my life.

13. Last but never the least, meeting ma girl thrice in a year. That's also a first, by the way!! ;-)

Sakshi said...

Those are a lot of things to cherish about na??

Well.. thank u...!!