Monday, January 7, 2008

Abhivyakti '07-'08

My New year started with a Bang... literally.... The yearly college fest that usually happens during the spring season was sprung upon us just as the weather department declared cold wave in the NCR.

Though, the fest was officially started on the 15th of December'07 with the presentation competation taking the lead... the cultural fest started on the 2nd of January'08. The entire experience of preparing for the events starting from the 2nd was exhilarating. What with the group dance being the hugest of the projects of this event.

The theme of the cultural fest this ytime bsically revolved around patriotism,religion and folk.... and our group dance was on Vande Matram by A.R. Rehman. It was so much of fun, making everybody practice and ofcourse choreographing the dance. But the best part about the whole thing was that I was the only girl in my group that was staying back the latest. What with the dresses to be arranged and then making sure that the music was right... and then ofcourse the demandss ofd our faculty and keeping everybody happy... it took all the diplomacy that I had to put the show forward for our department. Ofcourse, my friends, which included both my classmates and seniors made all their efforts to have me around without losing their cool.

Anyways- if our group dance and the fashion show were the biggest things that were on our minds then the highlight of our participation was doing the unexpected and winning in the categories in which we were the last minute entries. The best of this was the cooking competation, wherein we ransacked the appt of one of our faculty member and cooked four dishes in half and hour and managed to grab the first prize....!!!

Now, that the fest is over and all the experiences have been shelved in our memories.... its back to the gring of studying and the usual mundane life of classes and college..... but... when is college life ever mundane....??


Shayon said...

Hey, you spoke so much about your fest, but not a single word about those prizes you won?

Sakshi said...

welll.... I just din wanna speak about myself....only myself na...!!!