Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To start all over or to just start from where I left off??

Everything in life has a solution. There are solutions because there is a problem. This is the concept on which our dear computers are made. Intially it was made so that prolems of maths and calculations could be solved.
But as the days got complicated and lives tougher the computer became our source for every problem that needed a solution. And internet gave the comp a power that has made possible for us to lead an alternative life on the web.
But unlike that avtaar... we cant log out of our lives and shut it down. Though... we do put our lives on a stand by and then later start off from where we had just left off. But more often than once I really wish that there was a restart button on our lives... so that kahin par bhi hang hoti life... toh restart krake mistake theek kar paati.
But aisa nahin hai na... its often said that life goes round in a full circle... it was three years back... when I was in Banglore... and today I am in Chennai. Life gave me a chance that I grabbed with both my hands and today.. I am mostly satisfied with my life. Chennai... too has given me chance... to redeem back a friend that I had left behind, surprisingly... I havent really thought about him... but at the back of my mind... he was pretty much present. Its not always easy to leave behind friends and then claim them again after a period... but I have gotten a chance after almost three years to claim back this friend... there is a very fine line in our friendship and I really hope and pray that this friendship develops for the better... the comp screen has just loaded after getting off from stand by.... lets hope that I save this friendship and not delete it altogether...

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