Thursday, December 25, 2008

So, now what?

I cant believe that today is Christmas and that its like one week to this years end... My stay in Mumbai is almost over.
There was the usual partying and there was a lot of work. If work was tough, then it was the end of the day that I looked forward to....when Shayon used to come and pick me from work... that hug, was worth the stress all day. 
And now that he is moving to Delhi, I am wishing and hoping that we get to see more of him and to experience the joys of a 'regular relationship'. 
Yes I am happy about it...
But, I am very nervous about it too. 
I dunno what to expect. Because, somewhere down there in my heart, I feel very bad about dating behind my parents back. Call me an ostrich, but here in Mumbai, coz my parents are not alone, and I dont have to report back to them, I am ok with it. But in Delhi, I would be a nervous wreck... coz I don't think that every Saturday I would be able to maro bahanaas so that I can meet my dear boyfriend. And that, I am worried would really irk Shayon. Therefore, sweetie pie, I am gonna try hard not to disappoint you. 

I am happy and am nervous... so Now what??

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