Friday, December 26, 2008

Bitter Sweet taste of a Goodbye....

Its a beautiful saturday afternoon, and as I look up from the laptop, I can see from the window of my room, the sea. I can hear the road below.

The faces are the same. The talk is the same. But its not home yet. I have been in Mumbai, and in little less than a week, I would be back home.
Back to the usual bickering self.

I am very excited to go back to Delhi, but then at the same time my heart hurts to say goodbye to this city till the next tryst...
the first question that everyone would ask me here in Mumbai, after getting to know that I am from Delhi is, 'Which city do you like more? Delhi or Mumbai?' Call me whatever, but I love both the cities.
Like I always say, Delhi is home... but Mumbai is dreams.
Mumbai has given me, My boyfriend... but above all has given me a sense of self assurance. Given me a taste to freedom.
As I go to the Churchgate station every night after work, I feel proud to be a part of the bustling crowd of the city, who have the spirit that can make even the laziest person proactive.

Its been a beautiful one month. The work was great. I had really nice colleagues , interns from National Law schools, who din treat me like shit because I belonged to a college other than the National Law school. the gang of girls I really like to mention here were from NALSAR hyderabad, Yasha, Neha, Aanchal and Veena. In Delhi, I have never interacted with such chilled out girls.

The greatest experience that I had was on the girls night out... I have never done this. (Ofcourse in Delhi you cant do this only, what with the major glitch in the not so safe for girls public transport system) in Delhi, where 10 pm is like OMG, its so fucking late, this was the usual time to get out of office. Not dependent on my Dad for rides or rather the auto waalas for a ride back home, it felt like that finally I have grown up.

The cherry on the top was, the amount of quality time that Shayon and I got to spend with each other... if nothing else, there was the marine drive to just sit and gaze out to the see with the love of your life holding your hand or pulling you close to him.

In Delhi, the weather is cold. And, I am getting ready to experience the challenge of a new kind.
As I finally start the countdown to the New Year, I am counting the days to go back home.
Its time for the bitter sweet goodbye,
adios, Mumbai, a city where dreams are woven... and where dreams are lived...!!!
Bye, till we meet again....

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