Saturday, December 20, 2008

This time it was different.

Whenever, I thought that God knows, how are Shayon and I gonna survive each other for such a long period of time, I used to shudder. I remember, when Geetu Bhabi, first got to know about my LDR, she told me about her friends who though were fine staying together, but din really survive the relationship staying together.

But, last night, when Shayon and I were sitting on the marine drive (for all those who dunno what marine drive is, check google) I felt the difference. There was a time when we met after a long period of time for such a short while, that al we wanted to do was to Kiss each other all the time. (Trust me, you DAMN well miss the touchy feely part... all the time) But, like I was saying, last night was different... we just sat there and talked... about how we managed to stay in this relationship despite the temptations and despite all the problems... about, what we really want from our lives.. and about the fact that how special and strong our bond has grown over the years.

It was the Best date that we have had in the last 3 years and 10 and a half months. 

I dunno how many of you remember that post, which started the series of my Love story.. where in  I had talked about how Shayon was worried that, after spending the month together now what??

So, here is the solution, Shayon is moving to Delhi, coz of his new job. Its the greatest news that has come my way the entire year.
For Shayon it was a tough decision to make, he was given an option of three cities including Mumbai and Banglore... but he chose Delhi. I am overwhelemed by this decision... and the cherry on the top? His office is like 10 mins away from my house....

It was a tough year, but I guess, Patience is a Virtue... Thank you God, for inculcating me with just that.


Neo said...

I guess all of it is coming in good time. Trust me, I am so happy for the two of you. And all of this, somehow in a weird, twisted manner, reinstates my faith in love and its virtues.

And it's a great start for the New Year. My best to Shayon and you.

Sakshi said...

Love is for every one... you just need to find the right person..
My best wishes to you for a great new year...!!!