Tuesday, October 6, 2009


After a hiatus of a little over two days I am back.
And I really hope that I was missed terribly, because if I was not, then, well, I will be sad...

Ohkay, that was really cheesy.

The weekend that I had been waiting came and went. And, I have a HUGE complaint- Time flies way toooo fast when you are having fun. This is unfair.
Moo is like THE perfect guest... it was so much of fun having her around. Especially because I was showing off my city. Delhi- Meri Jaan.

The holiday started on friday when she landed at the Delhi Airport. I had gone to pick her up and boy, it felt like I am meeting my lost friend after ages. There was absolutely no awkwardness and absolutely no formalities. My parents took a liking to her. (Thank God for that)
We saw the malls, the roads (which were a surprise to her), we saw a few historical sights... and lots and lots of maddening crowds.
The metro ride and Qutab minar were the main highlights of the trip. But most of all, it was the weather that made the entire weekend so worthwhile.
Oh- and it was like totally girly talking till wee hours of the night...!!! :)

We were out most of the day. Starting at 9 am in the morning till 7 pm. Almost all the day.
I drove around the city like never before.
It was just a crazy time that we had.
It culminated at my father's birthday yesterday.

I wish to write more. There were so many things that were awesome, actually the whole weekend was such an awesomeness that words can't seem to describe it.
So, I will leave that for Moo to do.
Describe her experiences to you, and also hopefully show you a few picture...!!! If you all be really nice and request it, she might just publish a few pictures. :P

Thank you Moo for making this weekend so special.
The only thing that really spoiled my mood was the dance class. I officially hate Rajiv. And, I do not care if he reads this or my FB status.

And, last but not the least- Happy Birthday to my dear Gaurav. Here is wishing you a great day and a great year ahead. Love you...


G@K said...

Thank u for the kind wishes dear.Muah!

Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow! You seemed to have had a great time..I spent it watching Wake Up, Sid, Inglourious Basterds and Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs all over the weekend..

Hey, u make me miss Delhi when you write about it..

I wish I cud go pitch a tent in Paranthewaali Galli and eat seekh kababs every day for dinner! :)

The one thing that Bombay cant really get right..awesome dinner quality Delhi street food!

Jack said...


Too true, time just flies when you are having good time. Nice to know you had a memorable week end. Yes, I did miss your posts. Please covey my wishes to your father. Kindly let me have Moo's link so I can look for photographs.

Take care

Shalini said...

Feels good to have a break out of the routine life, right?
So glad to hear about it all!! Do give the link when Moo posts it on her blog.
Of course you were missed dear...no doubt about it!

ShalinK said...

fabulous weekend !! way to go girl !!!