Friday, October 9, 2009

The Festivity, the Book and a stupid College project...

The festival season is back...!!! YIPEEEE...!!!
Its that time of the year which makes me so proud that I stay in India and that we get so many holidays on the account of soo many festivals that come one after the other...!!!

The most recent of the festivals that has just gone by is Karwachauth.
For the uninitiated its a festival in which the wife fasts for her husband's long and healthy life. The fast is without any food and water. The fast is opened by seeing the moon through a sieve and having the first sip of water from your husband's hand.
The way I have described it, it sounds like really whatever, but well, it is actually a very romantic festival. From the time that I have memories stuck into my mind, I have not missed a single Karwachauth pooja in my life. I love the Katha i.e the story associated with it. Though the story is same every year, I love to hear it over an over again. I love to see the women sitting around in the circle and making the rounds of their pooja wares and singing along with it. It has a certain charm to it, and like I said an old world romanticism in the way the women pray for their husbands.
Ofcourse, there all that Jazz also associated with it; what with the henna clad hands and the new clothes and getting ready and looking like a bride on this day.
I swear people- even though my mother fasts for the whole day minus even a sip of water, there is a certain glow on her face.
And here is a confession- I am dying to keep my first fast as well... * blush *
Even though a lot of unmarried girls also fast but then in our house that has never been the norm, and I personally believe that the bestest way to enjoy a festival is, when it is celebrated in the right way.

And now that it is over, its time to look forward to Diwali and the various weddings that are happening. I think by now you all must have guessed that I am a wedding freak... actually my entire family is. And we feel really bad if we have no wedding to attend in the wedding season.

I have finally managed to lay my hands on The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. HARD COPY.
And, for all those who were not really happy with the book, I am just wondering why? I think it is a very well written book. And, unlike any of his previous books, this one has a really strong message. And that is what stuck to me.
Not the conspiracy theories, not anything but that one message about The Apocalypse which is going to happen in the near future and how it is time to really look back to all the ancient writings and scriptures that have lost their true meaning to mankind in his quest to finding and proving whose God is greater.
Even though, it is a bad rule to suggest books- I am suggest you all to read it.

There is a college Moot Court happening in the coming week, and I have not started working on it AT all. It is just a mere formality, and that is why no one is really interested. But, then, being me, I have no choice but to do it. So, am doing it.

I'll leave you with a few pictures-
Here are pictures of Shayon and me at Qutab Minar, where on Moo's request we posed for her dear camera in a total filmy way. (PDA taken to a new level... )

Below is the Qutab Minar standing tall....

And then here is the 'Real Delhi' for you- Delhi-6, Chandni Chowk...and its sheer Madness...

The Shish Ganj Gurdwara at Chandni Chowk.

And finally- the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in its peace and tranquility...

Hey, Delhi has been named amongst the top 50 cities for a 'Must Visit', I am sure Moo is glad that she has covered it...!!:)


Anonymous said...

I love chandni chowk and the pictures have captured it beautifully! :)

Aww, good to see you so excited about Karva chauth! I personally never want to keep it, but I think it's damn cute that you're all 'blushing bride' about it! :D

ShalinK said...

the pics r super :)

enjoy your weddings and the festivals :)

Love attending the showy weddings of Delhi too :)

Jack said...


Karwachauth well narrated. Wish and pray that you too keep this fast SOON. Beautiful photographs. You two look so nice together. God bless.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

I love the photos..they're superb!!! :)

And you are being rather excited about it, no? *wink wink*

Tangled up in blue... said...

I love the photos..they're super..I love the Chandni Chowk photo best! :)

And you are being rather "blushing bride" about it! *wink wink* :D

Sakshi said...

Dear All-
I am not a blushing bride. Please spare me.

Thanks for liking the pictures.
Please say ' Thank You' to Moo as well.
she is the one who clicked the pictures

Moo said...

Dear all,

Appreciate all the love for the pics. Next time, the credit needs to be directed to the right person. :D

Anyhoo, it was awesome to be doing all tourist type things and going *click click click* with the camera. It is a beautiful city, although I wish I'd seen more of it.

P.S. Making you and Shayon pose was the best part. :P :P :P

Shalini said...

I know!! The festive season has this different can smell it in the air!
awwww.....good to read about karvachauth. :D
I went to wedding again...this time it was a Christian wedding! It was so beautiful!
And of course...lovely pics! :D