Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happiness doubles when shared, sorrow is halved-
is life really as simple as this stupid quotation says?

In a bid to make sure that all are happy, I have lost my smile somewhere.
I know, I laugh, but- I just wonder why can't it reach my eyes- and gleam like it used to.

To make sure- everything in life of everyone runs smootly-
I have forgotten to oil my bearings- the creaks and the cracks have become a comforting noise now.

To make sure that I survive my ordeal- I have stopped venting out-
Numbness has become the order of the day and night.

Tears refuse to come.
Laughter refuses to become genuine.
Pain is a regular visitor.

All is dark, and God it seems has turned off the light at the end of the tunnel, owing to recession.

I have no idea- why am I blabbering.


Arooj said...

that is something very special about the nature of this phenomenon known as ''happiness'' that it keep on increasing while we start sharing it with others....
have nice time sakshi

ani_aset said...

god bless you girl :)
I thought your blogreaders were more regular than pain..or wait a sec..is that a reference to us ;)

Jack said...


The quotation is not wrong. Would you like to share what happened to put you in this mood? The light at the end of tunnel is there but may be a little more distance to go.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Hey listen, this is something my dad always tells me, its really really hard to keep everyone happy. And it takes its toll, like it has for you. And in the real world, its really very hard to expect people to share in your happiness.

Take some time off for yourself, sweetie! I think what you need is self-preservation right now. :)

Take care.

Shalini said...

Hang in there yaar. Hugs.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for all the great words of encouragement.
Self Preservation
WOW.. Big words- I am just 23.

Yeah, in reply to ur comment on when I am getting married-
I am 23, and you are more than welcome explain that to MY parents.
Btw- The comment on this post made me smile... thanks.

Hugs to u too

@ Uncle J & HM
I know, And I count my blessings as and when I can.

Unknown said...

i was googling the quote at the beginning of your entry and this blog came up...

just wanted you to know that what you wrote is exactly how i feel on my low days.
i hope you're in a better place now, but either way, know that you are not alone :)