Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome 2010, or...

Year ends are a confusing time for me. I look back at all the ups and downs that I have been through that year, and want to go back in time to do, and re-do a lot of things... without really liking the thought of stepping into the new year.

Yeah, I am the 'Panic' attack person when it comes to things changing wayyyyyy more faster than what I like to. But, like they say, that time does not stop for any one.

In another three odd days this year will be past tense. Gone. Bye- Bye. Tata.
And, I will be welcoming it with my studies. No Good to have paper on the very first day of the year.
And trust me I am really scared for stepping into the new decade... the Goddamn new year is going to take me out of my comfort zone, into the unknown. There is gonna be a whole new future about which I have no IDEA...

Here is hoping and praying that the New Year brings each one of you loads of reasons to Cheer and spread the happiness about.
Love you all!!


Shalini said...

The idea of stepping into the unknown is scary..but that makes it even more exciting. Make a promise to yourself Sakshi, this new year...the glass is going to be half-full. The late part of 2009 has been really down for have to pull yourself out of it...Hope you get all the happiness. Love.

Sakshi said...

Thank you Shalini. It means alot to know that there are friends like you who know my state of mind. I promise, I will be a much much happier person this coming year.

Jack said...


I am not sure if I commented on this earlier. Best of luck for your examinations. May 2010 be just as you wish it to be.

Take care

Ramit Grover said...

You have one more person to comment and spam you now!

Like the picture. Nice. Like the top too. The top brings back find memories. I used to sell those things about four five years ago.

Ah, long crappy story. Don't ask.

Ramit Grover said...

Never be scared of the unknown.


More later.