Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Alumni Meet

There are enough movies that revolve around the topic of college and school re-unions. As a matter of fact in most of them the protagonists are not really keen to go back to their olden golden days!

I remember that I had just gone to one alumni meet which was organized by my school in the year 2004! That was the first and the last time that I had gone to the school reunion. Basically because that was the ONLY year that I knew that 'my group' from school will be there. There is a reunion every year, but there is no charm for me to go there. I lack the attachment to Modern Bk and the seniors! *Two years in a school with hostile environment well, doesn't make you like it!*

Today, the very first Alumni meet was organized by my college for the last couple of batches and OMG, it was such a fucking reality check! People had gone fat! They got married, yup there were couple who even had children.
It was almost like I was meeting different people altogether! All of us had the ego battles when we were in college, trying to match up to each other! But, after all this time, it seems like all those were just futile attempts to do God only knows what!

Well of course there were certain batch mates of mine who were still the same. Talking to you with an ego, which was nothing but fake attitude gone all wrong!

Anyways, this alumni meet made me realize the long journey that i have undertaken, from the fiasco in the engineering college to 5 years of law school, to finally being a professional!
The journey seems like an immense uphill task that I have finally completed.. only start a all new journey, all over again!

PS: Edited to add: That I did do my engineering, for one year and then gave up. Good sense prevailed!


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

You did engineering and then law? Wow.

I'm so happy after reading this cos it kinda tells me that all the shit that happens now doesn't matter at all :)

Me said...

What a journey, life is!

Engg and Law :O

Rachit said...

I'm waiting eagerly to meet my batch-mates, once the partners of life :) memories, ah han :)

Weakest LINK

Rià said...

Engg and law!? :D I know, alumni meets are such reality checks.