Sunday, January 22, 2012


" going to bed so i can wake up in 2.5 hours to watch the Pats... dedication son. let's go baby!"

Don't wonder too hard about that line. It is my ABCD brother in Mumbai who wrote that status message and made me google what 'Pats' is. Turns out that it is a football in team in the US of A, and some tournament around it.
That made me realise that, I am not passionate about anything. Sleeping maybe, but then that does not count. 
But, seriously, all of a sudden it seems that, there is nothing that is happening or that there is something that I have to look forward, which has nothing to do with a wedding or wedding planning. 
But something that has something to do with ME! 

I know, bf is crazy about his technology and his games.. and when he is into that thing- he is into it. Completely. I know about Kashvi and others, who read. Read as if their life depended on them, and they discover new authors, new books and are so into it that, they even quote the lines verbatim. 

I know that doctor sahiba, a.k.a Karishma is into plays, and despite her schedules, she finds time to pursue that. She is an audience that any play would want. 

But there is nothing it seems that stirs the desire to push myself. I am tired of the social calling. The clothes, whole pomp and show surrounding me all the time. 
I thought that I was rediscovering music. But now, that too sounds repetitive. I feel constrained. And unable to discover good music. I am musically deaf.

I want to get back to dancing. I think I need that one thing which I can look forward to, twice a week. To just go there and be there by myself. Even amongst people. 
I need to re-ignite some thing in me, to get the passion back in life. 

Something, about which I can bore you all about! 
Damn, where do you all get this passion from?


Tangled up in blue... said...

Shall I tell you how I make time? I tell myself that if I don't do the things I enjoy I will degenerate into this boring old automaton with no interests and no facets to my personality. That thought scares me so much that I've promised myself to do one thing, just one thing for myself every week.

It could be a small thing like listening to an old favourite song or a big thing like going to a special play even if I end up going alone or attending a book-reading at Landmark or eating a Spanish bagel or downloading a funny movie or get a massage or a nice hair-cut or buy a pair of shiny harem-pants.

Anything! But just for you! :) Because you deserve that quality time to pamper yourself. :D

If you do this often enough, it'll become a habit and after a while, you'll have your passion and zest for life back.

You know what, I've always wanted to learn to dance but beyond a two-day workshop, I haven't put much effort into it. But I really really will try if you get back to it, too. :)

Jack said...


We all need to have something which is unique in each of us. You can get inspiration by thinking how wonderful it would be if you could do this ( whatever you choose ). Go ahead and join dacing classes again as well as take up writing more & more. You can also get started by what Tangled said in her first paragraph.

Take care

Anonymous said...

:D Tried kickboxing, pilates or yoga yet? Workout gives me a high, but I am one nut case these days too.

I am passionate about writing and that's a need for me else I can't live :( I love music, dance too...but, not passionate enough to learn.

I feel, it could be temporary or you are a chilled out easy going person, which I wish I could be there :) Grass is always greener on the other side :D

RiĆ  said...

Its always good to follow a hobby that u r really passionate abt. Give it a though and i m sure u'll find something that u really like.

Elvirah said...

My passion for things kept changing from time to time, just because i couldn't stick with one. Either because i didn't get the right support to continue my passion or sometimes i just could n't keep up with it myself.

Every person would have a passion for someting hidden inside their heart and we need to dig it right and make it our daily habit. We just need to figure what is that one thing which we really be engrossed into completely. Then everything seems to turn easy for us as we continue to live with the love for our passion we chose.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Being an absolute nutcase who gets the maximum mood swings, it is somewhat difficult to say if I have any passion. There was a time when painting and sketching were something that I lived for. Then came dancing. Then tennis. Then writing. But today when I look back, I realize that these things were not really my passion. When I used to go for interviews, before I started working, I used to wonder what I would say if they ask me the same question. And believe me, I was always clueless. Sadly, I still havent discovered my passion but I wish there was something that would really "define" who I am.