Monday, May 7, 2012

Plain Truth!

I am not a huge fan of Amir Khan.
I seriously think that he is a very pompous mean guy.. (Yup, I am true blood SRK fan camp girl);
But Satyamev Jayate bowled me over.

It was honest to God, plain truth, put extremely plainly to us. The people who matter, the people, who ignore the every day truth that is reported in the newspapers not as "Breaking Stories", but in the corner somewhere, and not as a part of a statistics or a survey that randomly comes out, but about he people who have actually suffered.
There were tears, but, I am glad, that none of the women who came on the show broke down emotionally to get the TRP's high.. or stating controversial statements with a background score that makes the controversy larger than what it really is.

Of course, this particular episode touched a chord somewhere, because, after hearing what people had to say about having a girl child, I truly thanked my stars that I exist.

It is the sad truth that people as educated as doctors or professors or teachers believe in the whole "Beta khandaan ka chirag hai" funda.
No offense boys, but seriously, girls are prettier, they are like the cutest babies and above all they too are human, they have exactly two hands, two legs, one face with two eyes a nose and two years.. the only difference is that they have a vagina and a pair of breasts.

It is the woman who bears the children, imagine, if there is no woman, how are you going to have children? The so called "Khandaan" will only not be there.
And, if a male acts dumb in the family, the women of the family are not expected to encourage the practice of miscarrying because the pregnant lady is carrying a female child!

The truth really did hit the heart.
It was amazing to know that the literate act like the illiterates and rural and the poor act like intelligent human beings.

The Doctors should learn their lesson and clean up their acts, the giver of life, the ones equated to Gods, should not encourage let alone indulge in such practices!

If there is one thing that I am sure Amir Khan will be able to achieve is to hit the heart.. now I only hope that he is also able to stir the conscience of the people and actually help root out the evils that hold our society back!

Kudos to Satyamev Jayate!    


Ankit Garg said...

He is doing something for society and providing a platform to people to be part of it.

Jack said...


I hope he can maintain the tempo of raising conscience level of public towards all evil which harms society.

Take care

Bikram said...

I hope he does , he touches that cord in the heart that may unite all to do something ...

rather then blaming this or that ..


Arooj said...

i happened to watch only a small portion of programme and believe me ,quite a dry attitude of amir seemed very amicable during comparing.his endeavor of arousing very sensitive issues also made show rather different.

RiĆ  said...

I want to watch it so badly...havent been able to so far. :(

Me said...

True that.

Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong here. I don't oppose a single statement you've mentioned here, other than just one - "if there is no woman, how are you going to have children?" Well, I don't exactly "oppose" this one either. But tell me this. Don't you think there won't be any children if there were no boys either? :)

Jack said...


Sorry to intrude. Her point is very clear - if practice of killing female child before she is born or even after birth continues then where would be women for men to procreate. The declining gender ratio is already showing trends of buying a bride in some of the states. No one is killing male child at any stage, isn't it?

Take care

Priyadarshini Joyce said...

That was a post i could say a "BULLSEYE" for.


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

I'm also a huge srk fan! And I frankly didnt think this show would be worth watching.
But maybe i should now.

Ive always cribbed about how my parents bugged me to study all the time till i met people my age who said they were being forced to get married and weren't allowed to work and all.

Yea I hope everyone's conscience is stirred and a revolution of some sort happens!

Alka Gurha said...

Yes, unlike his peers who sell underwear's, Aamir is using his popularity for a good cause. kudos to him.

Haddock said...

Frankly speaking, I wont agree on that SRK vs Aamir Khan thing but all said and done, he is doing a good job. I am not a "terrific" fan of his but I found that all his pictures (produced or directed by him) has got some value.
Peepli Live for instance.