Friday, May 25, 2012


I have done absolutely nothing productive since morning. I even missed out on the exercises that I have been doing now a days!
I am in office. Bored stiff.
The AC is too cold, and honestly despite the fact that there a drafting that needs to get over and get settled within the coming week, I JUST don’t feel like working. Somehow the application of mind is not happening.
The world around is becoming a happening place, the best friend is ready to launch her own label and that probably gives me immense happiness, because it was something that I always dreamnt for her.
As for me, I think I am the most confused person EVER. I want so much from life, that in the end nothing really falls into place. Passion dwindles on and off.. and I am left wondering if this is what I was meant to do.. at all? But nonetheless I do get excited on certain days when I have so much to do and at the end of the day I sleep a satisfied person.
I have started cycling. Early in the morning, followed by some yoga. And I have noticed that I am in a happier place on the days when I make it a point to get up and exercise.
There is so much to say. The words just seem to disappear.
So, I am gonna just cut the randomness here and wish you all have a great great weekend!

PS: I had to remove the previous post because it was office related and din want any bad blood even by accidental chance. 


RiĆ  said...

I thought so when u wrote the post on your colleague...respect your decision to remove it.

And abt the phase in life that u r talking abt...lesser said better! I have mostly been confused abt what I want in life. May be someday when I open my own restaurant I'll be a happy woman. :) Till then I shall let life take me wherever it wants.

Ankit Garg said...

Welcome to the club!!

This is such a irritating phase of office life.

Sometimes when you don't want to work than you have loads of work and sometimes when you crave to do some thing than there is nothing much to do.

Jack said...


You did it right. It made me wonder but I knew it was weighing very heavily on your mind. If you feel you are confused, then you really are as this feeling does make you confused. Confused you now, isn't it? LOL.

Take care

Mithlash said...

Hi first time on your blog
Its great you started cycling as I just started it to reduce weight if you want to make your life exciting , exercise is the best solution for it....keep doings this n keep writing:)