Friday, May 18, 2012

"Great Moments"

"Great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one"

I have been meaning to actually write about a lot of things, but unfortunately after the whole day of typing and staring into the computer- often for no reason at all.. sort of discourages me to get on the computer again and start typing. 
The main reason behind this super duper laziness is that, my right arm starts hurting after the whole day of typing and all and then, there is my Blackberry, that keeps going "PING" the whole day and keeps me updated :P 

But nevertheless, I have been going over posts, and commenting where ever I can :) 

The good thing out of the whole thing is that I have re- started reading. 
I am reading the most talked about "Hunger Games"  the review will come after I read the entire trilogy, but I have finally started to read at my own pace..
Not for finishing the book, but for, actually enjoying the book!

The office took us to Goa for the annual retreat, and for the first time in my life, I attended the "HR Sessions", which all the hot shots MNC's have. 
I had fun. 
I actually made it a point to have fun, to talk to people but not put my heart out on my sleeve :) 
Clicked loads of pictures (That I am yet to segregate). 

And, well, bf has been traveling far and wide himself, and I can't stop wishing that I could have been with him! 

Rest all is great.. gonna try and update more often :)
Cheers and Happy Summers!


RiĆ  said...

Good to know that u have been having fun while working. :)

Jack said...


Don't you worry, you will be joining him soon and travel all over the places.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I have started reading as well :) It's so peaceful. I read Love Virtually and now am reading Rumi. Same issue, I have been meaning to write a lot a lot a lot however am so busy with work these days...But anyway, am here. So. Ye!

Tangled up in blue... said...

Hunger Games is a pretty great book. I finished it a couple months ago and then moved on reading Catching Fire followed by Mockingjay and somehow the first two books are completely brilliant but I thought the third one was a let-down.

And yeah, I must say, I am also bitten by the travel-bug. I am going to Kullu next week on a work thing but I am going to make a vacation out of it! :)

Bikram said...

Wow to GOA.. I need to join ur company.. Mine takes me nowhere


Arooj said...

take you time and come back with fresh and active:-)

by the way you rea really enjoying your blackberry.;-)

Ankit Garg said...

I hope you enjoyed in Goa. Such trips are required to recharge your batteries.

Me said...

Aha! Goa... :P sahi..

I understand how long-distance sometimes gets tough when you wanna be there with them... almost most of the times.