Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mumbai Diary..

There is huge gap between wanting to be in Mumbai and living in Mumbai.
Whilst I write this post on my phone, the train is approaching 'Dadar' I am still about 30 odd minutes away from reaching my destination!! (Update: I am finishing the post whilst sitting in office after a day at court!)

I travel in all modes of Mumbai transport (as elaborated in the previous post) everyday for work and at least 3 hours of my day are spent traveling.

Years back, one of my friends was waiting for me ( I was late by 45 odd minutes) and whilst I apologised for being late, he just smiled and said that he loves observing people and he had his fun while waiting for me.
So, now that I travel so much in public transport and am becoming (reluctantly) the part of the Mumbai rat race here are my observations:

1. Mechanical and meticulous: There is nothing in Mumbai that is not sorted for you if you are a regular office goer- there are the AC buses during the office hours that work on a clockwork. There are autos that go on meter. There are shared taxis that are available from the station that do to and fro from the station to the 'office district' and then there are the local trains, the life line of Mumbai! 
And this is what you are stuck in, in a city that never sleeps-  a clockwork!!

2. Food: No jhik jhik fik fik, you have a budget of 10 or 100 it doesn't matter- you will get something to satiate your hunger. SOMETHING. Its a fast paced life, food is nothing but just a necessity. There is no real 'good food' here. The closest to what I got as good food was at my masi's house. Her food still have the flavours of delhi! ( Yes, I am a Delhite to the core and I love the food there). So a samosa of 10 rs or a vada pav for 12 is also delivered in your office.. no "Minimum order" ka funda here! 

3. Theater: People in Mumbai seem pretty sick of the film stars and actors (big or small), thus they love their theater and I must complement the theater scene here, you are spoilt for choices!

4. 'Local' Shopping: Because people in Mumbai have no time ( by the time one reaches anywhere close to home, you don't have either the time or the inclination to go to the market) so the market comes to you in the local train. From clips, to vegetables, fruits, junk jewelry, bindi, nailpaints, and all the small small things that you can think of are sold to you in the train. 

5. Sleep: In a city that never sleeps, you catch up on your sleep in the bus or in the train, depending of course on the fact whether or not you have gotten a seat to sit on. 

6. No care attitude: No one says hello, no one says good bye.. if you don't make an effort the other person won't even care if you exist (I say hello everyday, I get blank looks most of the days!). They keep to them and that keeps them happy.

Just a couple of pointers.. amongst the many to come.. 



PeaBee said...

I have never lived in Mumbai, but I have definitely enjoyed my trips to the city! :)

RiĆ  said...

I am an out an out Mumbaiite and loved every bit of my stay there. ITs a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. :) Mumbai has a great variety of restaurants and I am sure you will soon discover them. Aah, I miss Mumbai so much!