Monday, January 28, 2013

The last of January

I have loads to write about.. but can't really collect my thoughts.
I have to be politically correct on the blog now... so considering to make it private. Or maybe I should not give a damn about being politically correct.

The fact of the matter is that, before being married I never thought twice before I said something. Often being rude, often being nonchalant, even stupid and frugal at times. And now, I think that I hardly talk.
No, the reason being, that there is nothing really to talk about.
No gossip from office.
No boss related issues, or talking about the boss.
After spending last 1.5 years, practically in the cabin of PC, it is a lil weird, that my current partner in charge doesn't give a fuck.
It is like, I have been accommodated here because of PC, and nothing else.

The recent events both at office and home have left me bewildered and I am living in a certain sense of doubting myself and my abilities both of being a homemaker and being a 3 yrs PQE lawyer.

I have been making stupid mistakes.

I am travel in all possible mode of public transport every freaking day (Auto, bus, taxi, taxi, local train, auto) (also include walking hither thither) travelling for minimum 1.5 hours one way.
I am perpetually sleep deprived.
I can't draft a goddamn e-mail properly.
I hate the work that I am doing.
I hate the city that I am currently living in.
Once upon a time, Mumbai was a dream city. But reality bites. And bites hard.

I don't have one second of "me" time to myself, because, if I take the "Me" time, then there is no time to spend with the husband. HELL- There is no time for life!

Talking of whom, here is some great news, he has been detected with high diabetes. And if that is not a stressful thing to pull you down, then constantly trying to make everything work with everything does.

Maybe, I am the one who is being a stubborn ass, maybe, I am the one who has the "running away" syndrome rather than "face the battle" attitude, but I am being honest here- Imagination and reality are hugely different and life as I knew it.. was a piece of cake and now I can't even pull some crumbs together.

Seem to be losing the plot already!

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RiĆ  said...

Every city has a good and a bad side. Give it some time, and I am sure you will like Mumbai. Unless you refuse to change your mind. :)