Friday, February 22, 2013

Sorry - Not Closing Shop as yet..

And no, the last post was not a publicity stunt. (As a matter of fact, the "publicity", was the reason that I was thinking and rethinking about opening my thoughts here.. on a "Public Forum").

Am I scared..
Well, it is just that, the kind of emotions and thoughts that I portray here are absolutely raw.. (at times, I don't even spell check or grammar check the posts .. make that most of the time). I do not intent to hurt anyone but, there is always the sword of "what if.." hanging on the head.
But, I am not scared of people judging me by what I write.
People have misjudged me even when I am in front of them, and I am no one to influence anyone what they think of me. I am me. And, blogging is a way to preserve myself from being eroded.

I started blogging...
because at that time I was trying to impress my bf (then, hubby now), and eventually, I guess, I did take over him. I did guest blogs for him too at one point of time, and even though he is an author here, he prefers to put a guest post here and there...
And because he saw my enthusiasm towards blogging, he finally gifted me this url. Probably one of the most thoughtful things that anyone has ever done. Can't just abruptly abandon my gift.. can I? especially since I am the kind who preserves even the dinner bill stubs and wine corks if its a special occasion.

Like I have already stated, that there is no intent to offend anyone, and if someone feels bad or hurt, well, then sorry I guess! 


Makk said...

Last post too was an example of utter raw emotion.

Dont worry, you are Sachin Tendulkar who if said once cant pad-up for a ODI again.

Honestly you write utter crap at times but you right good too.

Happens! keep writing. keep blogging!

Look I am commenting even when I have to write that crap words and prove that I am not a robot. In fact not just me, few more are there around I guess.

So enjoy! ( and hopefully you can remove this word verification)

I HEARD YOU said...

well, I agree with mr. makk tht you should remove this verification and I also think that people like it when they are judged. Not that process of course but the end result. And if it is a sweet judgement, atleast my joy leaps no bounds!
And if someone is getting offended by your posts then they should not read on further na...why should we feel sorry?
(wow I am good at this :P)

Anyways you have a nice blog. Don't close it :)

Diksha Sharma said...

"Blogging is a way to preserve myself from being eroded." Haha. So well put! :D

Ankit Garg said...

I was clearing my backlog for reading all the blogs which I missed in past 3 months. I should have started from your latest post instead of starting from the post where I left it to ignore your second latest post "Last post". :)

Well, good to know that "Dukaan abhi chalu he" and now you turning slowly in to a Mumbaikar.

So, Delhi miss kar rahi ho... so am I.

Well, keep writing and many congratulations again for joining the happy couple club. I hope this valentine must be different for you as compared to earlier ones.