Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Update

Oh God, I feel like such a traitor.. I have not written a single post after announcing that I am not closing shop as yet.. Duhu!
But I have been on a roller coaster... here is an update on life.. in no particular order..

  • I am alive. Yes. 
  • BFF is engaged.. and hers was a process for about 3 odd months.. and then boom she tells me that finally all is settled. The wedding happens in December, and that means the entire year.. it is all about shaadi again. 
  • BFF's engagement meant that I got a chance to go back home, to my mom's house. Somehow, Delhi is still more of home. 
  • I met my friends after a long long time.. and had conversations. Talked about everything, nothing, about the gossip in office, to the married life, to home ad husbands and boyfriends.. 
  • Had loads of GOOD food.. exclusive lunch with Dad.
  • Got all dressed for the engagement.. looked really nice (My mom really liked how I looked and that is a HUGE certificate).
  • Danced till the wee hours.. felt a little left out in the whole melee .. Husband was not there you see.. 
  • Slept on my own bed. Slept till late. 
  • Gave no care about "nashte mein kya banega"..
  • Spent some quality time with my mom.. talked to her, like I have never talked. Realised that the bond and love changes after shaadi.. 
  • Came back to Mumbai after 5 days.. and already want to go back.. 
  • Office is crazy. 
  • It is making me go crazy too! 
  • Husband missed me, and showed it too :D 
Hopefully.. the post made some sense.. if it did not.. you can understand the after effects of a trip back home!!

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RiĆ  said...

Home is always home! :) Glad that u had a good time in Delhi. Yes, the bond with mom changes after marriage.