Thursday, January 30, 2014

The January Round up.. Politics Galore..

Today is the death anniversary of the “Father of the Nation”, a post that does not exist in our Constitution. A person who apparently laid down his life for our country. The one single person who fought with his “Principles” and not with the weapons and ultimately rid our country free from the British, but not from the pseudo briteshers who were left behind by our Country.

Let us face it people, the Gandhi who has been glorified in the history books was nothing more than a politician, who took full advantage of the situations in our Country and in South Africa. He is the reason for our problems.

He fought for the rights of the “Harijans”, but never did he encourage the Harijans to move ahead in life instead he made sure that there is reservation in the Constitution for them, thus creating   cementing the caste lines in our Country and lay down the foundation for the caste based politics to be born. So, whoever fights for Dalits has become a “Gandhi” and “pro-people”, and any one who doesn’t belong to the reserved category doesn’t even have the right to have a politician fight for them forget the assertion thereof.

No one in this Country has ever appreciated true talent (if you count the rigged reality shows, well then that is some) or merit. The government school suck. The private ones are becoming more expensive by the day.  There is no way that a child is getting educated. Literate for the heck of it yes. Educated. NO. A BIG NO.

We have the Kejriwals of today, who have become the Gandhi of today, by fighting the corruption and fighting for the “Aam Aadmi”. It seems, that they see “Nayak” every day at least 2 times, in order to motivate themselves that if Anil Kapoor could clear out corruption in 24 hours, they still have a lot more time. Except, that this is not a movie and that there is Zameen aasmaan ka difference between a 3 hour movie and the real life in which you have to run the state.

With his brand of “Nayak” politics, he is throwing Delhi back into an era when there was no water or electricity in the state. Roads sucked, and in the name of public transport there were the rickety blue line buses.

He promises subsidies, without realizing that the subsidies in one sector would be only be possible if he cuts down his expenditure in various other departments, like infrastructure. THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES DELHI A WORLD CLASS CITY.  But no, he will be his hysterical self, and ruin my Delhi. Promising in a manifesto is one thing, implementation without a practical approach is a suicide mission. In this case, the Delhi-ites who voted for him made sure that they are murdering the city.

I can only hope that the government falls and falls soon.

Which brings me to the national stage where Rahul- Baba, just made a fool of himself by saying “Empowering Women” would make all our problems go away. In that case, I think we might as well lock up all the idiots like him and maybe then roam and breathe a little free.

The coming few months will be a major circus happening when a shift in power will happen. This Kejriwal and his party will steal a share of a pie, and then coalition with them will be like a bitter pill, the kinds you cant swallow or throw out . Anarchy is sure going to rule the roost in the next couple of years in India.

I of course, wanna just leave it behind and go somewhere and start anew. A place where husband and I can get some space for ourselves and get a chance to build our lives on our set of beliefs, but then, what is writ is writ, and miracles and opportunities to cease are few and far. I don’t know where life shall when the year comes to an end, right now, of course, we are playing by the ear, and hoping for the best.

Sugar has grown up and each day she is becoming naughtier. I fall in love with her every day and get mad at her every day. I think it is the BEST thing in the world, to go back home to a doggie that jumps on you, loves you, bites you and is happy to see you back at home.

Office is great. Of course, Ms. PC was the BESTEST boss ever, and no one can match up to her but the current situation is better than the last one. All fingers crossed.
One month gone. The year has already started slipping. And it is time to cease the day. Life will keep on happening side by side.


Arooj said...

after a long time did visit your blog....tap your sugar once from side.

Jack said...


Trying to get back into my normal routine. Read current post and will try to catch up with other pending ones if I can. This post is very pessimistic though with a ring of truth. May God help us. Pat Sugar from my side.

Take care