Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

Hi. Welcome.

When 2013 came to fore, I was mostly bitter and I thought that my life was doomed. But as the year progressed, I realized that it was not that bad.

That there is still hope and finally, I was pleasantly surprised when the year ended on a high. A few tears were shed.. but then I guess, my new year is never complete without a tear or two.

And now you are here.

I don’t want to be apprehensive about you. Actually, with you I want to take the approach of “Crossing the bridge when I reach it”. There is going to be major upheaval in our lives as we move forward. And honestly speaking, I would rather close my eyes and open them on 01st January 2015.

But like they say, one has to see all, and I guess this is the year when  I will really get to know, whether I would be a bitter person or a better person.

All hope and pray from you is that please please instill a sense of stability in our lives. Help us, mostly me for being happy about the things that come my way. Of course, ideally I would like things to work out the way that I have thought of. But wishes are not apples.

And finally, make us win a jackpot!

Here is to hope & dreams.
Because, that is what this year is going to be all about..!!

Happy New Year…!!!
Lots of love,


Divya said...

Best Wishes for 2014! 2013 was quite a tumultuous year for me as well and I hope this New Year will be a fun one with my dreams and wishes coming true *fingers crossed*

A Very Happy New Year to you :-)

Alka Gurha said...

Cheers to hope and dreams.
Hope the new year is happy and healthy for you.