Thursday, June 26, 2014

Practical Decisions

You know those times when you are actually not sure about anything in life.
When you know that you are not really happy about making the career moves that you are making, but have to because those are more 'practical'.
On one hand you see the people living their lives on the side of the road and you reassure yourself that you will make it. And in the next moment in your office washroom you hear two of your colleagues saying that a 800 rupee hair cut is so expensive and you realise that, that is the minimum that you have paid for so many years. And then, you are scared that soon you will be on that side.
Only to realise, that you are already on that side.
When shopping is indulging and every penny spent from the salary makes you cry- Why.
And then you don't know, how to deal with these frustrations.. And by evening you are ready to forget, and take one more practical decision and move on.

1 comment:

Bikram said...

yes.. somehow more and more people are in this category because of how expensive things are ..

I jsut can afford things i could earlier