Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Silent Spectator: A note on the Current Events

My country is in a turmoil.
The markets are in a free fall, the students are up in arms, and there are "Jats", who think that they are being short changed and not given equal opportunity.
There is also the annual budget, and the budget session of the Parliament, where as I write this, an uproar has already happened.

Let us start with JNU, and the politics of sedition. A handful of students felt that the country is going to the dogs (which it is) and they decide to do a protest inside the university campus, where they are just discussing and shouting (like how it happens on the News Channels these days); reports suggest that police is there and don't give a fuck (because at the end of the day it was just a bunch of kids going against the successive governments and how the country is going to the dogs). A news channel covers it, and in the fight of who sensationalizes it more calls it an anti national activity.

The feed is picked up the over zealous other new channels, and a small event of plain dissent is turned into a mob fury and a way to vent out the frustration at students who know a lot more (because they study and understand). The police because the content was anti-modi has to take cognizance (see, news channels trump the police and that becomes an ego issue) and arrest a person who is shouting hoarse that he did not say anything anti national.
More goons from BJP (who unfortunately happened to be the chatri wale do takke ke lawyers at the lower courts) bash up the guy inside the court premises (for the record: I am totally appalled and condemn the acts of these so called lawyers, and it is thanks to them that our name goes down the drain. Hence they should be barred permanently) and the spineless bar council of India (apex body for the lawyers), is hesitating to take any action.
The courts in the meanwhile have become wary of all the drama and tell two others who have been accused to follow the damn procedure. Which they do.

In all of the above, the social media has added fuel to fire. There are half truths, an overwhelming amount of half baked theories and analysis has been doing rounds. The country of the Mob Mentality has been given more food to fuel their mob mentality and pseudo nationalism.

It is sad that people have started reacting first, and reading later. Somehow, the national sentiment is never first priority when they pee and poop in public, demand dowry, kill and rape the women of their own and other countries, or commit female feticide, or when they deface the walls, the rivers and everything else that our country is made of. A few alleged slogans got their nationalism to a level of 100%.....!!!!!! MOB MENTALITY!

On the south west side of Delhi in the neighbouring city of Haryana, the Jats decided that fuck the economy, water, food and travel to the capital or other northern regions, let us just sit on the dharna. Let us hold the government at ransom. Burn the shops, kill people and smash the public transport. Also dam the canal so that Delhi doesn't have water. HA!
For what?
For asking the government to declare them as a backward class.
That they are. They do not respect their women. Or Men. Or anyone. They own lands and lands and pajeros and fortuners and havelis and cows.. BUT they are backward, and special, and should be given special treatment.
Now, the funny thing is that their actions, of holding the government, and the people for the ransom for reservations happens to be more anti national than a few alleged slogans in a university campus. But guess what? They may just get what they want, and a regular tax payer like you and me will be further suppressed because of these fucking reservations.

The Country is in turmoil. The so called strong PM of the masses, has not spoken a word when all of this is happening. The budget session is round the corner literally, and these distractions are going to help the NDA government which is probably going to present a totally lackluster budget without helping any one of the common man.

We are country swayed by slogans, and not by the work done by the Governments. We are being taken for a ride, and no one is seeing the storm building over our heads. 

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