Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I am addicted to you!

Time goes by, 
in a frenzy of the everyday life, 
there are times when you feel, 
just the need to be.. 
but even in those times, 
I know, that you are by my side. 

Love is neither easy, 
nor is it sane, 
but what is life without, 
some difficulty, madness, 
and all that is there. 

Just another year, 
you will exclaim, 
but when I look back, 
I am left speechless, 
still wondering the same, 
how in the world did we pull this off? 

A different city, a different life, 
still we held on, 
to each other, in a grip, 
like a vice. 

I am addicted to you, 
you are my drug to always, 
make me high, 
to push me to do things greater, 
than what I can't even thing about. 

Yes, you and I fight. 
We push each other out, 
but like the magnets attracted to each other, 
we always come back, 
stronger. harder. 
to fight the odds that we have been fighting, 
for the years that have gone by. 

In the bed, often, I have looked, 
at you, 
sleeping. snoring. just being. 
I have looked and wondered, 
yet again, how did we? 

You my love, is all I have, 
my friend, my foe, my lover, 
my partner in hell and heaven. 
Another year marks our togetherness, 
another year tells reassures us, 
that together it was, 
together it is, 
and together shall be, 
for the years to come. 
forever and always.

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Anil Sawan said...

forever and always... Amen