Saturday, February 13, 2016

A lifetime of madness, and another life time yet to come!

It has been a lifetime since we have been together.

I can't put a year on it any more because if life is to be divided in phases, then mine is Before You and With You. I am glad that there is no other phase.

I spent my childhood dreaming about a prince charming and the quintessential white horse, the picket fence and the happily ever after. I got you.
And I got my life back.

Because life is not about a happily ever after, it is about finding your own happiness, in the moments that are a part of your living breathing life. One can imagine/ have imaginary conversations in situations one day dreams about while doing everything, but real life is different from the imaginary conversations and interactions.

I have gone on and on, on this blog about how we met, and even today when people  ask me about our "love story", I laugh, blush and tell them about our online love story. This doesn't happen too much now, but whenever the question is asked it does take me back to all those years that have gone by and the resilience with which we have managed to keep our relationship intact. We have been friends, lovers, haters and now miya and biwi!

Our earliest struggles were just trying to get enough talk time with each other (and thank God, the signal did not suck that bad back then), and now our struggles are trying to find quality time with each other.
We are so stuck in our daily chores and life in general that even though we stay under the same roof, the conversations often don't go beyond the obvious. The whole of the last year was spent hoping to find some time with you.
But then I guess, when you are moving up with life and in your career, you have to make difficult choices.

We were teenage lovers once, we are married adults now, and while the enigma of being lovelorn teenagers always remains with you, the beauty of a long relationship gives you the satisfaction of the way love works rather how you make love work for you. It is the best feeling.

There is a lifetime more of love, struggles, fights and god only knows what, but we have each other, and we have held on, and I am confident that like the years gone by, the years yet come will bring us closer to our own version of a happily ever after!

Happy 11 years, love.

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