Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life as we know it

When it rains it pours.

Here are updates of my life in bullet points because I just can't seem to comprehend the stuff enough to be able to write a long winding post:

- People are having Babies. I am happy for them. But peer pressure plus mummy pressure is building.

- I started a new job 5 days back. And I really really don't want to fuck this one up (not that I fucked up the last 4.) It is just that, I am at a point where any more unstability vis-a-vis my job is going to be the last straw in breaking my career. I want this to work out.

- My full time maid is on her annual vacation. My part timer goes for her break tomorrow. My house looks like shit. It is totally disorganized and I am just plain tired. I travel the farthest. I just started a new job (and I am not saying that Husband does not help) and I am the one who is making rotis after a whole day of work and cleaning the kitchen. [That is something that I can't stand. An unclean kitchen]. Because the part timer won't be coming from tomorrow, the dishes are on me too. Of course one can just use the damn paper plates.. or whatever. But. Then we stay in a house]

- And I am perpetually tired. Headaches are becoming common and I am hating the commute. But someone has to do it. So its me.

- I am becoming like potato. I need to exercise but I just can't get over my laziness.

- And boy, I am irritated. I dunno at what. But I am just plain irate. I can't point a finger at the irritant but my restlessness is just growing. Maybe I need to take more caffeine but nevertheless, I am trying very hard not to burst out.

These are NOT pleasant updates.. but well a cranky mind and a tired body can only say as much.

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