Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Responsibilities, Opportunities and all that Jazz!!

I could not wake up today.
I did wake up at 7 a.m, because Big Basket came to deliver us some groceries, but I ended up taking another 20 mins nap thereafter.
Waking up at 6 a.m shall be tried again tomorrow morning.

Last night the husband and I conversed about opportunities. Mostly spanning the opportunities vis- a -vis the careers and the responsibilities that get associated with onesself when you do end up taking an opportunity, even when you are not ready for it.

It is quite a catch 22 situation, when you are being given a chance (by some play of destiny) to advance your career, and you also realise that you are not quite ready to take on to that role. However, this chance of destiny may or may not come again.

This also made me realise that, I have never faced this situation, but, if I do, I will probably not even think logicaly through it and I will require my darling husband to be a rock for me, and that is exactly what he is looking at me for. Being his rock.
And I really really do want to be his anchoring point, and I am trying my best to be.

We may not excel at handling the situations that are thrown our way, but with each experience and with each catch 22 sitiuations, we do learn and we do grow, both as individuals and as a couple.

The journey though tiring, is exhilirating. It is like finding new ways to love and hate each other!!


Deepika said...

All the best Sakshi for coping up with things :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i feel the same...caught up in a vicious circle of to be or not to be... grab it or just leave it... I dunno i feel sometimes i am too much in love with him to let go of anything and everything but him...but a small voice inside me tells me to..just go grab it,its a lifetime opportunity :D