Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A journey of 12 Years

A contreversial book, 
with conspiracy galore, 
a social network website, 
with a book discussion group. 

A boy with a weird name, 
and theories totally insane, 
and a dialogue, which, 
involved a few, and then just the two. 

Friend requests exchanged, 
and tentative steps taken, 
and soon from the book, 
the discussions moved away, 
from the group to just the two. 

Soon, it was impossible to pass,
even a day without "chatting up", 
eventually, it were the phone numbers, 
that were finally exchanged. 

In between e-mails, 
chats, smses and phone calls, 
we realised, that we were in love. 
Not an infactuation, 
but in fact love. 

We had never met, and
had seen each other through, 
patchy web cams, 
and then it was time to meet, 
eight months after, 
for 2 days, that was a treat! 

Year on year, after that, 
we struggled, but we had faith, 
and an eternal hope, 
and finally we did fight the stars, 
the moon, the family, and what not, 
and almost 8 years later, 
plunged further. 

At the altar, when he waited, 
I could see, the smile that he, 
had hidden away, with a sense, 
of calm, and satisfaction, that finally, 
we are a family. 

And from that day on, we do have, 
more struggles, and the arguements, 
which seem to never end, 
but even after these 12 long years, 
a genuine conversation, a tight hug, 
and a gentle kiss, 
makes the world alright, 
even if it is for a moment (or two). 

We often compete, but, 
we know that no one but we, 
complete, each other, now, 
and forever. 

As we move into another year, 
I close my eyes, and 
reminisce, the night we decided, 
that it was love, 
not at first sight, but at a remark, 
in a group, on a website.. and 
that we were and are meant to be, 
Today, tomorrow and always!