Thursday, June 12, 2008

Directionless....n motionless....

That is life for me... yup...
Maybe I give up too fast..really or maybe dont try hard enough. Either ways...the prospect don't seem so happy... as of now.
The tone is pretty suggestive that I am kinda flustered....actually I am very flustered... It seems that the brand name Shayon's Labyrinth is not working it out.... anyways I cant seem to figure out the complicated widgets on the page...and therefore...all my efforts to blog out...seem to go in vain. I have been getting no comments... and that is not really encouraging me. What with Shayon getting a new job and his job profile discouraging the readers venturing out on the labyrinth. Ok... not directly..but yeah...indirectly. Fuck man... that makes all my efforts go down the dump. Or maybe, the stupid celebs...taking over the web world are drawing more traffic... what with Amitabh Bachchan blogging shit about his co-workers...and now, Lalu Prasad gonna blog too.... management I suppose. Sometimes its really lucky to be lucky... and am hardly that.
Believe it or not... My end Sems for his semester are nowhere insight... the good part is that I dont have internship to join on a committed date... I would have been screwed that ways...(wow, I have really started to look at the brighter sides....!!! Whatever happens...happens for the greater good....!!!)
Yeah... I should be looking at the brighter side... most of the people out there would love to switch places...what with getting up late... watching TV, reading novels... and just lounging around... Ideal life... but like they say...grass is always greener on the other side...the world works that way.
I am not feeling on top of the world... and well... and yeah at some deep level down there... I am kinda jealous about my best friend landing in an internship... and my Bf getting a dream job..even though it doesn't pay big. Now, dont get me wrong...I love em...and I am happy for them... its just that had I known..what direction am gonna take except being lazy I would have been happier...
This whole thing is freaking me out... coz at some level, my parents are gonna freak out too... I am sure even if the grades are up, they don't want a loser for a daughter.
Sorry about the crass crap... somehow... I lose ears around when I need to am just punishing my beloved page.

Sometimes, I movies really reflect life...?? Can we expect a happy ending after all???


Shayon said...

Hmm...I know, I've visited this page after a long time now. Neways, I am glad I did.

So, you feel that the "brand image" of "Shayon's Labyrinth" isnt really helping your cause? Do you rally wish to go all out with blogging? I mean, seriously, if you wish, I could gift you any URL you choose, even set the blog up for you. All you shall need to do is populate content. Of course, you shall be the one maintaining every detail of it after I set it all up for you, for the first time. But yeah, I shall always be in the sideline, helping you out with technocal support, as and when u need it.

So, what do you say? You game?

Sakshi said...

Hey, Thanks for visiting..(this is not sarcastic). I know that you would do exactly what you have written. But I don't think that I am ready for a .com page of my own. Its just that, I haven't been able to figure out if the page is getting any hits or not, coz that is bugging me. Also I can't seem to figure out if the content I am posting or the way I am writing, is it catering to the readers that you have created? The fact that I know you are going to be here always I know. But don't you think that even though I have been promoted as the manager of labyrinth, I should be working harder...??? Afterall, my credibility would only be, If i am able to generate readers off labyrinth itself. What do you say to that?

Grewal Ludhianvi said...

Intersting. Really very interesting. Saw the beautuful photos. Read also 2 pages here. There's so much traffic now, that newcomers like me, are finding it difficult where to stop & where not!
Still I'm a well wisher. Shal be occasionally visiting.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for visiting... I hope that I am able to write more posts...!!!