Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What happens?-II

Well... the last post was the jist of all the frustration that I have.
Its not fair.
And I have said this maybe oblong number of times, but then this is the truth.

Its a fact. And the fact is that when things dont go your way, you say that life is not fair. I am sure, life must be rolling its eyes and saying... oh gosh that is not done...!!!

I am a great law firm. Atleast the mumbai counterpart is supposed to be great. But, then there is hardly any work to do. Its just my luck that thanks to a fellow intern both of us have landed ourselves into a great project and as soon as we wind that up, we are gone.

But its the people. Its the sheltered life that I have been leading which did not let me see and make out the real complications and complexes that people have. I am not coming in any one's way and if I follow the office norms and ask the boss for half day off then, I get to hear that I am an miserly intern and that he doesn't care.

My birthday is coming up, reading the ol blogs I see that there has been an element of satisfaction that is there but this time I am feeling very bad. Because of Several reasons ofcourse... My parents went awat to Luckhnow coz of a stupid client and his stupid son getting married. Priorities have changed. My birthday comes every year, but the engagement doesnt. Client is important.

When no one is showing excitement about my birthday why should I? or Maybe I should be showing excitement so that people get excited. Aman's Birthday was special so was tyaji's but my birthday my own parents are not going to be here. Very nice na.

One way of looking at it is that Shayon had to go through bad times. I prayed that all his bad time comes to me and he just remains happy. So this maybe the part of the bargain.


Anonymous said...

Oh babe, relax. Tell me when your birthday is and mail me your number. I promise I'll call you. And I am serious. :D

And now, of course your parents value your birthday. Priorities haven't changed Sakshi, it's just that they thought that their daughter would understand if they weren't with you. Maybe the client is a big headache and wouldn't have been so happy about your parents' absence.

And all bosses suck. It's like the gospel truth or something.

And as far as Shayon is concerned, I am sure his happiness will vanish once he reads this. So be happy.

And I know this is a biiiiig comment but take it easy.

Sakshi said...

Hey Girl,
My birthday is tomorrow, that is the 5th. Well... I agree to all the things that you have said... excluding the big comment thingy. Its just there are times when you really feel bad abt certain things... but that is for the time being...
I am ok now... thanks for ur wishes...

Neo said...

Happy Birthday to you, la la la. :D

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday and wishing you dreams and imagination that carry you through life with a smile..

Dorothy from grammology

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton for your wishes... they mean so much to me...!!! Thanks a ton..!!!