Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is love doomed...!!!???

I am in a great mood...!!! In the morning today, when I got up, I talked to Shayon... the first thing in the morning... that too, for a nice long time minus any interruption...!!! That is why I have this silly smile on my face right now.

Last night, I finished reading this book, called , 'A message in the Bottle' by Nicholas Sparks. And OMG.... I think with every book that I read of his, I am becoming more of his fan. This time the book with dealt with two people who got doomed in love, the heroine, got divorced and the hero lost his wife in an accident. Its been over three years and they both are dealing with their loss in their own way living miles apart. On one forced vacation, that the heroine takes, she comes across a bottle that contains a message in the bottle. That letter is by the hero to his dead wife.... his feelings put in words. That one message and circumstances later force our heroine to find the hero... and when they finally meet sparks fly... but they both live miles apart and thus comes the distance is a problem... he asks her to move to where he lives... but she cant... the reason that he wanted her there was coz he was still not over his late wife...and whenever he was ready to move on... his guilt for his late wife was not letting him move forward... and the ending was sad. (For details- read the book..!!!)

As usual, I was crying by the end.

But, that really made me sit and think... I may have not read many, but whatever love stories that really really touches your heart leaves you in tears. It gives you a heart ache... and while you are reading that book, your faith in love gets reiterated and when you reach the end... you end up thinking... why?
Why would destiny be so cruel... and why would it be so unfair to two people who are in love..... !!! I always end up getting angry at the author... cursing him for being so cruel... If love is so doomed... then why love at all..... or maybe that is the reason that shallow relationships exists...!!!

But I still believe in love, its an emotions that brings the best out in you...!!! And makes even a grouch smile alot...!!!

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